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Morning Mystery Questions

MORNING MYSTERY - brought to you by Key West Subs

How’s your memory? Obviously, that’s something that declines with age – but a surprising one-third of American adults claim they can remember THIS. What is it?

·At the time, you likely thought THIS was the biggest thing that ever happened to you

·Before it happened you probably worried you wouldn’t do it right

·It’s nothing you can learn…but many practice first

·Funny coincidence….mine came right after junior high French class



Do you have one of these in your car? Statistically about one-third of us do. The numbers show some men have one in their cars too…but women are four times more likely to have one. What is it?

·Some in a recent survey said they believe it will help them get out of a ticket

·Far from practical, for most, it’s more sentimental than anything

·For pre-airbag cars, guess it could be considered a safety item…depending on the size

·Some people name their cars…but THIS is much more likely to have been given a name!

·If you over indulge it would be safer…and cuter to put THIS behind the wheel



There was a time when if you had stock in THESE, you’d have made millions…and a time when you’d have gone totally broke. Now’s a good time to consider investing again because last year sales of THESE surpassed the one-billion dollar mark. What are they?

·Us boomers used to love these, now it’s the millennials driving sales

·Apparently their popularity goes around and comes around again



Guys, have you ever walked in on your lady doing THIS? There’s a pretty good chance considering 35% of women say they do THIS on a daily basis. What is it?

·Guys understand hygiene is important to most women, but THIS…and every day?

·Something guys could also do…but who would ever notice?

·Wonder if Q-tips come with a warning about inserting too far into THIS?

·Surprised someone hasn’t marketed a special deodorant for THIS yet…it’s a good idea



It’s not a myth, when couples move in together women really do get rid of a guy’s stuff – in fact, a recent survey said about $ 340 dollars worth. What’s the most common thing they throw away?

·That’s a lot, but it has to be less than a decade ago, and surely it’ll be less a decade from now

·A car nut like me would be crushed at the loss

·She can’t risk the embarrassment when her gal pals come over for coffee

·These things have been on the decline for a long time now….even for sports fans

·Won’t be the only thing removed from the bathroom, but probably the first

·$ 340 dollars would be the FACE value, but not what they’re currently worth

·If a guy’s collection leans a little bit “blue”…this will be disposed of with extreme prejudice!

·And guys, she’s not going to buy it when you tell her pleading you only keep them for the articles



Getting married soon? Ladies don’t expect your new husband to do THIS. A recent survey revealed that only four in ten modern men will. What is it?

·Obviously “modern men” have no sense of tradition

·Sad to say, but we can probably blame fast food in part for this not happening as much

·Supposed to look forward to this on the wedding night…maybe the ceremony wears guys out


According to a recent survey of real estate professionals – some of the top things that lower property value are noise pollution, bad landscaping, and outdated kitchens. THIS is also bad, statistically about as bad as frayed wiring. What is it?

·Shoulda thought about that BEFORE you bought the place!

·About the only show you won’t find on HGTV – because there’s no fixing-upper when it comes to this!

·Unlike remodeling a kitchen, you can’t do anything about it

·NOT location…but a locat-OR

·Homeowners on Bucket Of Blood Lane in Arizona know the answer all too well

·As do the poor residents of A Dog Will Lick His Butt But Won’t Eat A Pickle Road in Colorado



We all know that stress is bad, and it has many nasty side effects…headaches, weight gain, and heart disease just to name some of the better known ones. THIS is one of the lesser-known side effects caused by stress…but as unlikely as it sounds - it’s absolutely scientifically proven. What is it?

·Stress can make you irritable…guaranteed THIS will make you more so

·Worse maybe in FL, but you’d have to go to the END of the earth to get away from it totally

·Up until recently, THIS seemed just unpleasant…but lately we’ve heard it’s also dangerous

·At least it is in Texas, New York and Florida

·When it happens to you, don’t do what comes naturally…even though it feels pretty good

·Possible solution for the super stressed: even though it’s summer wear long sleeves



According to a recent survey of American adults, 41 is the average age we start doing this. Really not much difference between genders, too – 41 seems to be the magic number. What is it?

·A realization we’re not getting any younger could be the reason

·Before doing this – some may ask friends and family, or maybe even a doctor about it

·Caution should be observed though, going overboard with this can be dangerous

·Definitely not a cheap thing to start

· Every-day commitment…is what this is if you’re going to start

·Keep eating healthy, nutritious foods and these are generally a waste

(ANS: START TAKING VITAMINS) winner on #0120


Since the kids are back in school today, our Mystery will focus on a recent survey of high school kids. To be sure, every teen has done this at one time or another, but some report doing it more than 200 times. What is it?

·Those admitting to more than 200 were almost all teenage girls

·Married couples do this too, sometimes a lot – but it’s not likely you’d do it by yourself

·It’s certainly something to be discouraged, in fact, you need to shut this down early

·With teen girls it usually comes after they hear “no”…

·…and it’s usually followed by “I hate you mom or dad”


The Barbie movie according to some focuses on gender role issues…and so will today’s Morning Mystery! Go back 100 years, and THIS is one thing you would never have seen a female doing. What is it?

·Either as an amateur or professional, this was dominated by men

·Might not have been an actual sport, but it definitely is “full contact”

·Completely opposite today, almost all are women…guys are pretty rare

·Not only are guys rare, but they always seem to be at the bottom…is that fair?

·This is the time of year we really start seeing them again…now through about next February

·Give me a M…give me a Y….you get the idea



There’s a really good chance you have one of these, in fact statistically 65 percent of American homes do. The same poll that came up with that, also found – they’re rarely, if ever, used. What are THEY?

·There’s likely one in your home, and possibly…but a lot less likely in your car

·Most of us even used to carry one in our purses or pockets

·Maybe they’re rarely used because even in their day – they were crummy…convenient, but crummy

·If you DO still have one in your car, call us psychic but you’re probably driving a 2001 Lexus SC430

·In an odd sort of way we can blame the death of these on Britney Spears, as she was one of the last



According to a recent study, over the course of a lifetime, we spend an average of two weeks waiting for traffic lights to change. There was actually a tie in the study – and it turns out we also spend two weeks of our life doing THIS. What is it?

·Two weeks waiting on red lights and two weeks doing this…actually you could do both at the same time!

·Depending on time of year, you may do more or less of this…probably more at Christmas time



Guys, what are you hiding from your wife or gf? C’mon…we all have secrets, and according to a recent survey – about a third of men say they’re hiding THIS from their partner. What is it?

·And the number one reason to keep it secret: the blow to the family budget

·Audio Daily Double: “East Bound and Down”

·The minimum one of these will set you back is $ 204 dollars

·It’s more than money, and we hope our POINTS are coming across to avoid THIS

·Luke Combs’ new song


From the same automotive survey as last week’s…

When asked what feature or option they most wish they could get in a new car, 5 % of people said THIS. What is it? 

·Talk about distracted driving!

·Technically you COULD have one of these if you hook up a so-called “power inverter”

·They’d get pushback not only from safety nerds, but fast food chains as well



Are you proud of your ride – or ashamed of your hooptie? Either way, there’s one thing you could do to make things worse. According to a recent survey, 70 percent of people said THIS lowers their opinion of ANY car. What is it?

·NOT something a good mechanic could do anything about

·You’ve got a chance of getting away with this…with dark enough window tint

·Even the visually impaired will look down on your ride for THIS

·Interesting history…invented after a milk truck driver’s load spilled, and spoiled!



According to a recent survey, somewhere around 40 percent of us do THIS in public restrooms. Experts think the number might be higher – because some might not be willing to admit it. The same survey also found more men do this than women. What is IT?

·Experts also say it’s totally unnecessary, and we’re totally fooling ourselves

·The experts are right…we SHOULD be doing something AFTER doing this that makes it totally unnecessary!

·Using a paper towel to touch the door handle AFTER washing your hands makes sense. This? not so much

·What a way to disrespect your expensive Ferragamos or Nike Airs



According to surveys, 17% of us have one of THESE at work, but not at home. What is it?

A candy dish

About 85% of people who have one of THESE in their house say it just collects dust. What is it?

A piano

2/3’s of kids today have no idea what one of THESE is. What is it?

A floppy disc

 44% of men surveyed admitted to doing THIS in public restrooms. What is it?

“Hovering” – or not sitting – on public toilets


According to a recent survey, 8 out of 10 people said to have THIS, they would rather give up watching TV, shopping, and their cell phone! What is it?

·But without cell phone access to social media, how will you be able to show yours off? (humblebrag)

·Wonder if the deal is forever? If not…it takes a LOT of work to maintain it

·Plan B: take a night course in Photoshop

·We’d all already have one if we didn’t have such a time CRUNCH (yeah, time…that’s the roadblock)

·OR…it’s no fun, but you could put down your fork



If you go back to 1980, it’s virtually impossible you didn’t have one of these…but times have changed! According to a new poll, today only 3 percent of American homes have one…and it’s headed for extinction. What is IT?

·So much easier to accomplish the same thing today, less messy and safer too

·What these make is still a family fave…and still makes the experience more realistic

·Audio Daily Double….er, clue

·Blame Blockbuster in part for their demise



If you’re anything like the average American, you’ve got 24 of these in your home right now. According to a recent survey…almost 100% of respondents said 24 is the “magic” number. What are THEY?

·That number may be 24 right now, but it likely shrinks and swells at different times of the year

·This weekend might be a good time to review yours for possible recycling or reuse

·Just be careful not to reuse one SHE will recognize!

·Need to thin out your collection? All the colors and patterns would make for some great craft projects



You’ve probably heard women claim THIS before, but did you know some MEN claim it too? In fact a little over one in 5 men according to a recent survey! What is it?

·It’s not so much what these men “claim,” but rather what they claim to HAVE

·It’s something we all have and use every day, but aren’t yours all pretty much the same?

·Just because you have some in green, doesn’t mean they work like a four-leaf clover

·Ladies or guys: wouldn’t you use yours every day? Scary thought!

·Do most women claim to have these? You could ask around the office guys but you’ll run afoul of HR

·Or, maybe save them for the next time you buy a Powerball ticket



According to a recent survey, if you’re anything like the average American – you spend about three hours a week doing THIS. Some of us do it more than others, but it’s hard to imagine anyone not doing at least a little bit of THIS. What is it?

·One can do this anywhere, but every office has an absolute champion at it

·Like everything in life, this usually comes down to dollars and cents

·I’d give you another clue – but I gotta finish a project for the boss…for no extra pay I might add

·I’d give you another clue – but our stone-age equipment is acting up

·Best current events example of this: Tucker Carlson

·Sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy: the more you do it the more you’ll likely have reason to



Another Mystery this week about gender roles and how they’re changing….according to a new study, THIS is something that was once exclusively a guy thing, but women are closing the gap. The number of women choosing THIS has gone up 25-percent in the last ten years. What is it?

·Of course some would tell you it wasn’t a choice

·There’s also been a noticeable uptick in the elderly doing this

·…much to the dismay of authorities!

·Not to say women have never done it…trailblazer Bonnie Parker was way ahead of her time

·Not worth the effort ladies…if the teargas don’t get you, the red dye will



Changing gender roles is a hot-button issue these days… and this survey proves things are very different! 50 years ago THIS was something mostly men admitted to doing…yet the latest data shows women do THIS three times as much as men these days. What is it?

·Southwest Florida women must be enjoying some much-deserved downtime this time of year…

·…but that’s only a month and a half away from changing

·Then again, 50 years ago not as many people PAID someone to do THIS as they do today



How smart are you? Here’s one way to find out. According to a new survey, the smarter you are, the more likely you are to do THIS at home. What is it?

·A smart thing to do in Florida for sure – could even save you a few bucks

·Probably ‘smarter’ to do this if you’re home alone

·This survey says you’re smarter if you do this…and you’d certainly have to be more confident

·You know what would help – one of those fun house mirrors that makes you look tall and thin

·Technically not illegal…even if you can be seen from the street



Ladies, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your better half, THIS may be it. According to a recent study it’s something even he admits he needs, and it’s certainly cheap. What is it?

·Here’s why it’s such a good gift ladies: that study says he already borrows yours a lot…even if you don’t know it

·If your guy has one, he likely told the cashier it was for you

·We’ve already had some guess what they do…but not what they are

·There are manly reasons to have these though…like splinters or tiny electronic parts



As pandemic fears continue to subside, more and more workers are returning to the office – many of whom have found things have changed. According to a recent survey, THIS is the number one thing returning workers are saying has been stolen in their absence. What is IT?

·Probably be more accurate to say “THESE are the number one things stolen…”

·Unlike a three-hole punch (office supplies) these are something you could bring from home

·Most of us use the disposable variety at the office, so what’s the point?

·Discovering these are missing may make you drop an F-bomb…twice actually!

(ANS: FORKS (Silverware/utensils)


If you want one of these today, it’ll cost you anywhere from a few hundred to a few million dollars, but back when first introduced in 1941 – the first one cost only nine dollars. What is it?

·Most of us come in contact with these every day…in fact, they’re nearly impossible to avoid

·If it weren’t for these we’d never have known Emu’s sell car insurance and what to do when women have that “not so fresh” feeling



If you’re single, you already know there are countless ways to blow a first date. According to a recent survey, 33 percent said THIS was the number one worst thing you could do! What is it?

·Might not be something you choose to do…

·If you must, take it to the restroom

·The answer has been right in front of your nose this whole time – with one, keyword right in the first clue! (listen again)

·Your dancing may be a turn off, but this kind of “boogie” is way worse



It’s been a female complaint for ages…men don’t open up when it comes to their feelings. But there is a solution! According to a recent survey, men are more likely to open up if THIS happens. What is it?

·It’s something you’re already doing a lot, separately – trying doing more of it together

·The busy workweek makes this hard for most couples to do together, try a weekend version

·Combined with a picnic, it could be a little romantic as well

·Weekends are a good time for THIS…better still between ten and two



What do YOU do in the shower…other than shower? According to a recent survey, both men and women admit to doing THIS…but women are 41 percent more likely to indulge in THIS. What is it?

·Why not? You’re all alone and no one has to know…unless a nosey researcher asks

·Some people pay others to do this for them

·Ladies probably find this easier to do and more enjoyable thanks to handheld shower heads

·OCD types probably can’t help themselves



It’s not a big number, but believe it or not, some people actually do THIS. According to a recent survey, 7 percent of employed Americans admit to doing THIS on a regular basis. What is it?

·What the boss doesn’t know won’t hurt them

·The funny thing is the rest of us don’t even do this…well, anywhere

·You’d think the boss would notice the breathlessness…and sweat

·Invention idea: pedal-powered toilets!

·Another idea: urinal chin-up bars



Want to feel younger? According to a recent survey of adults, over half said all you have to do is THIS. What is IT? (was the number one answer)

·Statistically, 97 percent of Americans have the right tool for the job

·It’s something you’re probably doing anyway, you just might need to change your destination

·    You might think it inconvenient or unwanted, but again research says it’s not

·Even if it’s just: “time for dinner…lol” – it works!



Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, and THIS may be one of the better examples. According to a recent survey, 45 percent of adults said THIS is the hardest thing they’ve ever tried to do. What is it?

·For many of us it’s been a bad habit since our teen years, and even then it wasn’t our fault!

·The first step to success is being aware…maybe try the old rubber band around the wrist thing

·Succeeding will certainly make for more comfortable Thanksgivings, bible studies and PTA meetings

· If all else fails the pocket change in the glass jar thing seems to work



We all know the expression “happy wife, happy life”…and every guy cringes at the thought of his lady getting angry. Here’s one way to prevent it guys: don’t let her do THIS. According to a recent survey, women get 12 percent angrier than men when doing THIS. What is it?

·If she agrees…and she probably won’t gentlemen, you’re life is going to get a lot more hectic

·The weird thing is that statistically, women are actually better at this than men



Some say that men are just little boys who never really grew up on the inside, and a recent survey tends to support that notion. According to 65 percent of adult males, THIS is something that has stayed exactly the same since they were a child. What is IT?

·We’d love it if the answer was “favorite radio station” (it isn’t)…but if it were, the answer of course would be “Kix”

·For a lot of guys, it would probably depend on their “raisin”…

·Not favorite brand of tissue either…although “Puffs” would probably win

·It may not be a sign of immaturity ladies…it could be that guys are just “flakes”



If you resolved to save money this year, file this under the heading “every penny counts.” According to the experts, THIS may only cost you fifty cents per year on average, but there are workarounds! What is IT?

·One workaround might involve where you’re doing it…instead of the bedroom, try the office

·Another might be to do it at a friend’s, but they’ll probably catch on if you’re there every single day for eight hours or so



Where do YOU do it? IT may be unpleasant, but c’mon…we all do it! Some of us do more of IT than others - and according to a recent survey, there’s a 27-percent chance you actually do IT in the bedroom. What is IT?

·Number one answer in this survey: 35-percent of us do IT in the dining room

·You’d think bedroom would be the most popular answer – at least there’s a door to keep prying eyes from seeing you

·Doing IT later rather than earlier is smart, because you can be heard doing it too!

·Tied for number one at 35 percent, is the living room…so obviously one needs some space to accomplish this



THIS used to be very common in American households, in fact, many of us adults grew up with these as part of our daily routine. Not so much anymore. Sadly, THIS is down 80% since 1960. What is it?

·Yet something else that has slowly been eliminated thanks to advancing technology

·Won’t be too much longer before we describe this activity as being…”once upon a time”

(ANS: Reading bedtime stories to kids)


You’ve just settled down for a long winter’s nap – but you can’t fall asleep. There are countless reasons why that might be – but according to a recent survey, for 6% of Americans, THIS is the reason they can’t fall asleep at night. What is it?

·From a health care perspective, the first piece of advice is one Fido or Fluffy is not going to like

·Next step might be medication…the right kind not only fixes the problem but makes you sleepy too

·Next step might be to check your laundry room

·Need an extreme solution? How about sheets made of sandpaper??

(ANS: Because they itch)


You may not do this today…you may not have done it yesterday – but according to a recent survey, you very likely will, and soon. The results showed 40 percent of Americans admit they do this at least once a month on average. What is IT?

·If you do THIS at home, it’s likely you can keep it secret…but at work – there’s a good chance someone will know

·Unless you work in a one-person office, there’s no doubt someone will overhear you

·If someone does overhear, just remind them that scream therapy is supposed to be good for you

·This is why you’re reminded constantly to backup, backup, backup!

·Doing THIS may be frustrating, but not half as much as waiting on hold for support

·Any IT person will tell you doing THIS is a waste of energy, when a reboot is probably all that’s needed


Ladies, how’d you like to up your happiness by 20 percent? According to a recent survey, there’s a simple way of doing so…although many women are already doing this. What is it?

·“Simple” doesn’t mean without risk…some women do THIS and instantly regret it

·“Simple” also doesn’t mean cheap…this could cost anywhere from 5-bucks to a couple hundred

·Don’t count on this being a frequent happiness booster, too much can be disastrous



There’s a pretty good chance you do this – in fact, according to a recent survey, 80 percent of Americans privately admit they do. But almost all of those same people say they’re too embarrassed to tell anyone they do it. What is this “shameful” practice?

·Wonder why? All the experts say it’s good for you

·And it works…does what it’s supposed to do 90 percent of the time!

·A much cheaper solution than the over-the-counter products in the pharmacy section of the store

·And all natural!

·If you don’t like these, you could try coffee, bran or the experts say…get more exercise

·A clever advertising slogan would be: “Putting a new wrinkle in your digestive wellness”



Guys…the next time you want to make a good impression on a lady, go ahead and do THIS without any shame. Turns out according to a recent survey, 95 percent of men admit to doing THIS. What is it?

·95 percent of us do it because we HAVE to, the other 5 percent are lucky they don’t

·Well, maybe not lucky…just dedicated

·Doesn’t have to be, but it probably happens more at the beach than at the bar

·One could make the argument that a less judgmental woman wouldn’t be looking “down there” anyway

·Speaking of the bar, might be time to switch…a lot of people are ordering “Mick Ultra” these days…

·Problem is eventually you’ll either exhale or pass out



Men…don’t be this guy! A recent survey of married women found that a little more than one in five wives say they have to do this for their husbands, and they really don’t like it. What is it?

·While this doesn’t specifically have to happen in the bedroom, probably in most cases it does

·Sadly their mommies used to have to do the same thing

·If your man’s memory is anything like mine, he gets pretty forgetful by the end of the day

·Just remind him this is a huge turnoff and there’d be more “intimacy” if he’d remember on his own

·And guys, don’t make her head to the bathroom and check like she does with the kids

·If he likes meat…as most guys do…remind him he’s got a lot to LOSE (note emphasis)



Guys, wanna score more dates? Do THIS. According to a recent survey, 51% of women said they wish men would do THIS more often. What is it?

·You don’t have to spend a fortune to do THIS guys, but you sure can

·Doing THIS every day is NOT a substitute for something else you should do every day

·If you take our advice, remember - THIS is good, but going overboard with THIS is offensive

·Not sure where to start? Ask any female and they’ll likely help you shop for some

·If you’re already doing this guys – do you have a “signature” one or do you mix it up?

·Maybe keep some in your truck ‘cuz it tends to wear off over time



According to a recent survey, there’s an 85-percent chance your home is equipped with one of THESE…what is it?

·In fact most homes will go through several of these over the years…sometimes every few months

·The nice thing about these is they CAN look good, and serve a useful purpose at the same time

·Concentrate to solve today’s mystery…wipe everything else from your mind

·Because you never get a second chance to give a first impression

·If you win today, we’ll very happily say: “You’re (blank)”



How long does THIS take you to do? A recent survey says for the average American it’s 3-and a half minutes… start to finish. What is it?

·Even still there’s probably somebody telling you to hurry up!

·Probably less on a Monday…more on a Sunday

·That’s less time than it takes to even get it ready

·Too bad too ‘cuz it’s the most important of the day!



You love your relatives…but you probably don’t like certain things about them. According to a recent survey, over two thirds of us especially don’t like relatives coming to visit, and doing THIS. What is it?

·The length of their visit matters…just popping in, this is a no-no, but staying overnight makes it OK

·Then again if they’re staying long-term, you’d likely invite them to do this anyway

·Survey didn’t explain why THIS is so annoying …maybe because we’re VERY territorial when it comes to certain stuff

·Poking their nose into your medicine cabinet you expect, poking their nose in HERE – not so much

·Want to know if they do it behind your back? Look for their fingerprints in the butter



Research has shown time after time that marriage is a good thing for men…they live longer, claim to be happier – and do less of THIS. A LOT less. What is it?

·Married men are 7 times less likely to do this…whether their wives know it or not

·Some would say it’s because married men are “whipped,” but it’s bound to save them money

·Theoretically marriage shouldn’t make a difference in this – it’s generally considered to be a “testosterone thing.”

·Guys, your insurance agent concurs!

·At least married men know those flashing blue lights can’t be for this!



Here’s something fewer of us are doing every day. At last check, only 38% of us still do this – and that number is bound to keep shrinking. Why? Convenience would be one reason, and in a roundabout way – it’s also not environmentally friendly. What is it?

·It wasn’t that long ago this was one of only two ways to get the job done

·Those who still do this are probably older Americans who are a little set in their ways



A recent survey provided a surprise! It turns out the average American’s number with this is 108…higher than most researchers thought. 108 what?

·The timing of the research is no coincidence, as millions of these were just sold recently

·There was a time when the average number was zero…but you’d have to go back 150 years for that

·You might have yours right now, and there are probably more at home…in some cases tossed on the floor

·As awesome as these are, they will always be a trap: guys know when asked the answer is always no…even if it’s yes

·They’ve been the focus of many country songs…Conway Twitty, Mel McDaniel, and Keith Urban immediately come to mind

·Bet you love yours ladies, most of the month…but there are those days gotta lay on the bed or jump up and down to get the job done



According to recent research, the magic number for the average American is 11,113 over the course of a lifetime. What are they – or what is it?



Progress tends to eliminate things that were once customary or ordinary, but according to government research a surprising number of THESE still exist. At last count about 670,000 in fact. What are they?

·Your grandparents likely never used these, but their grandparents probably did

·Not an awful thing to have in Florida, but the northern ones were miserable in winter

·Then again in Florida we have some really scary spiders

·Be sure to choose the right one: Sun is for guys, moon is for women…although most are unisex

·670,000! Wonder how many still have a Sears catalog for your “comfort”



There are plenty of ways a guy can screw up a first date…and THIS is one of them. Yet, according to a recent survey, 20% of men admit to doing THIS on a first date – and almost all women said it ruled out a second one. What is it?

·There are just some things a guy shouldn’t ask for on a first date

·And no, “my buddies” never mind me asking is not an excuse (they probably also fight over “shotgun”)

·Worse than asking to “go Dutch” on the restaurant tab

·She’ll see through it if you suggest riding on a bicycle built for two

·Don’t be a cheapskate…it just dropped two more cents today!



A recent relationship survey asked the question, “What instantly makes you think of your significant other?” For 30% of women…THIS more than anything else made them think of their guy. What is it?

·There’s one room in the house that is terrific for this…and it ain’t the bedroom

·They say guys are visual creatures…well, this result suggests women may be “nasal”

·This might’ve made more sense if the survey had been taken in Ireland than in America

·Put them on your grocery list…just don’t ask former Vice President of the United States Dan Quayle to spell it for you!



According to a recent survey, 1 in 5 American adults…20% of us will do this at least once this summer. A smaller number of adults said they do it all the time. What is it?

·Shocking because we’d expect this of kids, but not adults

·Not pleasant to think about, even though it’s completely harmless

·Can’t promise this will work, but you can try one of those “welcome to our OOL” signs



We definitely are a country divided! According to a recent survey, 50 percent of us love these, 30 percent hate this…and 20 percent of us are scared of it. What is it?

·The good news for at least half of us is these can be found all over the world

·If you fall in that 50 percent, the good news is you’re in a good place geographically speaking

·Those who are scared probably feel great in the morning but get more anxious throughout the day

·Put your dog in the 20-percent category

·Just tell yourself, “It’s just God bowling”



It’s a relatively small number, but a recent survey found out that 3 percent of us can claim something pretty incredible. And it’s not something the 3% of us have done that makes it remarkable, it’s what they haven’t done! What is it?

·What’s the excuse for the 3%? Too expensive?? Never has been since the late 19th century

· Maybe it’s too complicated…yet even kids can do it according to the product’s marketing

·That 3% might be a LOT higher if more people knew what it’s made of

·Hard to believe even 3% haven’t had it…grandma sneaks it in everything during the holidays

·That same 3% must have been fortunate to have never had a hospital stay!

·If you want to make it fancy, chances are good you’ve already got what you need…hanging on your kitchen wall



There are so many ways a first date can go wrong. This isn’t statistically one of the big ones, but still something to watch out for. According to a recent survey, seven percent of men claim they’ve ruined a first date by doing THIS. What is it?

·Might be at the start of the date, or at the end but either way gentlemen – you look kinda careless

·If it happens between dinner and a movie…you’re gonna miss the trailers for sure!

·This could happen to you too ladies – but we’d probably find it cute and try to be your hero

·Hard problem to solve these days….used to be all you needed was a coat hanger!





When it comes to dating advice, men need all the help they can get! According to a recent survey guys, if you want a chance with that hottie at the end of the bar – you need to do THIS first. 62-percent of women said THIS is a no-go. What is it?

·     It’s not so much what you HAVE, but what you need to LOSE

·     It might be a cool look if you’re in a band, but she still doesn’t want to date it…you

·     Yes, it’s worked for Johnny Depp…and occasionally Brad Pitt – but you’re not famous!

·     How embarrassing! She’s wearing the same scrunchie!!




Every guy should know of the need to compliment the women in their life. But how many times can you tell her how beautiful she is? According to a recent survey 60-percent of women said they enjoy having you compliment their hair. 20-percent said they’d love to hear some sweet words about THIS. What is it?

·Her girlfriends already do…so why you holding back, bro?

·We give credit to guys for not noticing at home, but on date night – you better bring it!

·Might as well say something guys, it’s likely you helped pay for it

·Chances are she’s going to hand it to you in the near future anyway

·If nothing else tell her how well it matches her shoes!



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