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Get ready for the fun of the Florida International Air Show...This Weekend!


From TasteofHome.com, here are some dining etiquette mistakes you are probably making, you slob:

1. Take small sips of what you’re drinking, not big gulps. And try not to take a sip when you have food in your mouth.

2. Remove the stir stick or paper umbrella from your cocktail.

3. Use the stem on your stemware. When your glass has a stem, that’s where you should hold it. Regardless of what you’re drinking, holding a glass by its stem will keep the beverage from getting too warm, and will keep the bowl of the glass clean and smudge-free

.4. Break your bread into smaller pieces before you butter it and take a bite. If the bread has a hard crust, you can cut it with a knife

.5. Know where your bread plate is. Your bread plate is the one directly above your fork.

6. Don’t make a big deal spitting your olive pit. Spit it discreetly into your left hand and place it to the side of your plate. (* Having a pit distance-spitting contest is right out.)

7. Scoop your soup toward you.

8. When eating cherry tomatoes in salad, use your fork to eat them whole. There’s one exception. When a tomato is too big to fit in your mouth, cut it in half with a knife and fork.

9. When you’re eating fries with food that’s eaten by hand (like a hamburger), go ahead and eat them with your fingers. But if you’re served French fries with fork-food such as grilled steak, use your fork.

10. Use a knife to add butter to your baked potato, not your fork, no matter what experts say.

11. Cut your meat one piece at a time, then eat it. Don’t cut your meat all at once.

12. If pass the salt, pass it with the pepper. Salt and pepper are considered “one” and must be treated as such.

13. Don’t dunk stuff in your coffee, unless you’re at Dunkin’ Donuts or an equally casual place. When you’re done adding cream and sugar, place your spoon on your saucer.

14. Don’t leave empty packets of sugar on the table. Instead, crumple your sugar packets and place them neatly on the edge of your saucer or dessert plate. The same goes for your empty creamer containers.

15. When you’re finished eating, lay your silverware parallel across the edge of your plate. Crossing your cutlery suggests that you’re still eating. Then take your napkin off your lap, and set it to the left of your plate.

Fifth-Grader Runs 50 5Ks In 50 Days For Grandpa’s Cancer

October 16, 2018

: A 10-year-old challenged himself and raised $4,000 for cancer in the process.

A San Francisco fifth grader has been pushing himself through a physical challenge over the last seven weeks and he’s done it all in honor of his grandfather. NiallMcDermott saw a movie, “Iron Cowboy,” about a man with the nickname who competed in 50 triathlons in 50 days and he was inspired to do 50 5Ks in 50 days to raise money for his grandpa battling lung cancer.

So some 50 days ago, the 10-year-old ran his first 5K and every day after that, he ran another 5K. His parents told him he could quit anytime he wanted and his pediatrician gave the thumbs up, but no one was really sure the kid could keep up the pace of one 5K a day for 50 days. But Niall did it and in the process, he raised $4,000 in donation pledges to raise money for the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation in honor of his grandfather.

“He never complained a single day, said he didn’t want to do it, or he’s too tired or something hurt. He was just ready to go every day,” his mother, Maggie McDermott says. “I’m amazed. I’ve never really known a kid to do something like this, personally. I’m proud to be his mom.

Source: CBS San Francisco

Amazing Sideways Landing Of A Boeing 757

The Bottom Line: Faced with landing in the middle of 40-knot winds at England's Bristol Airport...this pilot LANDED SIDEWAYS! Terrifying and amazing.


*LIST* Most Searched Halloween Costumes For 2018, According To Google

October 16, 2018

The Halloween costumes everyone’s going to be wearing this year.

For some folks, Halloween is the best holiday of the year and they’ve been planning what to dress up as since last November 1st. Then there are those of us who are still trying to decide what costume to wear this year, or we haven’t been able to get our kiddos to commit to one yet so we’re still looking. And if you’re hoping to avoid dressing up as the same thing everyone else is going to be this Halloween, Google is here to help with a list of the most searched for costumes of 2018.

Thanks to Google Trends’ findings, we now have the Frightgeist list, aka the costumes you’ll see at everywhere this year. This year’s top searches include long-standing favorites, like a witch and a pirate, along with some trendier ones. These are 2018’s top 10 most searched for Halloween costumes, according to Google.

10) Princess - With two high profile royal weddings this year, it makes sense that princesses are a popular choice for Halloween costumes.

9) Rabbit - Maybe Regina George was onto something.

8) Pirate - Yo-ho, from the classic pirate look to one more Johnny Depp-like, there’s a good chance you’ll see a pirate this year.

7) Superhero - From Wonder Woman to Black Panther, there will be lots of superheroes out this Halloween. And here’s a fun fact: Google reports that comic book characters make up 11% of all costume searches.

6) Harley Quinn - People love this villain and she’s consistently listed as one of the most popular Halloween costumes.

5) Witch - It’s a classic costume and with “Hocus Pocus” turning 25 this year, expect to see a lot of witches and some Sanderson sisters.

4) Dinosaur - “Jurassic World” may have inspired lots of trick-or-treaters to be a dinosaur this year.

3) Unicorn - This mythical creature is still as popular as ever, so you’re almost certain to run into a unicorn for Halloween.

2) Spider-Man - Of all the comic book characters, Spidey seems to be the one everyone wants to be.

1) Fortnite - This was the most searched-for costume in 43 states, according to Google, which means you’ll be seeing a lot of these this year.

Source: Glamour

Just in time for Halloween, YouTuber BarnabyDixon shows us his latest weird puppet thing.

 A very strange puppet, just in time for spooky season.

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