Monday, October 8th, 2018

FEEL GOOD MONDAY VIDEO!! We all know that awful feeling of accidentally hitting an animal while driving - but this makes up for all your/my driving discretions.  Watch as this young performs CPR on a squirrel he hit - and saves the little guy's life!



A new study from has revealed the Most Searched-For Symptoms on Google in every U.S. state.

– Alabama: Gas

– Alaska: Snoring

– Arizona: Morning sickness

– Arkansas: Fever

– California: Sweaty palms

– Colorado: Insomnia

– Connecticut: Stress

– Delaware: Stuffy nose

– Florida: Nasal congestion

– Georgia: Nasal congestion

– Hawaii: Sore throat

– Idaho: Symptoms of e. coli

– Illinois: Stress

– Indiana: Uncircumsized problems

– Iowa: Stress

– Kansas: Stress

– Kentucky: Upper back pain

– Louisiana: Chills– Maine: Night sweats

– Maryland: Stress– Massachusetts: Stress

– Michigan: Stuffy nose

– Minnesota: Irritability

– Mississippi: Acid Reflux

– Missouri: Stress

– Montana: Irritability

– Nebraska: Signs of low testosterone

– Nevada: Stomach ache

– New Hampshire: Bloating

– New Jersey: Lucid dreams

– New Mexico: Phlegm

– New York: Loss of sleep

– North Carolina: Loss of sleep

– North Dakota: Irritable Bowel Symptoms

– Ohio: Paleness

– Oklahoma: Flu symptoms

– Oregon: Stress

– Pennsylvania: Stress

– Rhode Island: Lucid dreams

– South Carolina: Dark green stool

– South Dakota: Headache

– Tennessee: Pregnancy cravings

– Texas: Nasal congestion

– Utah: Morning sickness

– Vermont: Sniffles

– Virginia: Stress

– Washington: Stomach ache

– West Virginia: Irritability

– Wisconsin: Light colored stool

– Wyoming: Stomach ache

Boy Honored For Saving Father With CPR

October 08, 2018

A fourth-grader learned CPR in school and saved his dad’s life with his skills.

When Landin Colson’s dad collapsed in their yard recently, the New Hampshire fourth-grader stayed calm and cool and knew exactly how to help. His mom called 911 while the little boy started performing CPR on his father, skills which he learned at school recently.

In the midst of the medical emergency, the kid told his dad, “Stay with me. I know it’s going to be okay. You’re just going to the hospital and I know you’re going to be better someday.” Landin performed CPR until first responders arrived and took over and his father is expected to be fine.

Not only was his family impressed, the elementary school student has been honored by his local police and fire departments for his life-saving efforts. Landin says he wants to be a firefighter or doctor when he grows up, but he’s already a hero.

Source: WMUR

After three years a man finally finds his dog and it's amazing.


Siri Can Now Discreetly Record A Police Stop

If you're ever stopped by the cops, Siri can help you out.

Siri has a new short cut that will quietly record a police encounter if you’re ever pulled over by the cops. 

To launch the Police short cut just simply say, “Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over.” That will prompt Siri to put the phone in Do Not Disturb mode, prevent notifications from coming through, lower your screen brightness, and pause your music. Then your phone will automatically record and send a text to a designated emergency contact with your location information. 

iPhone users must have the latest version of iOS and the police shortcut is located in the short cut app settings. No word on such a function for Android users.

Source: Fortune

The Ultimate Fast Food Burrito Taste Test

Don your Burrito Tuxedo as Rhett & Link embark on a blind burrito taste test to see which burrito chain comes out on top.

What's the deal? Rhett & Link taste test burritos from different restaurants to see which comes out victorious.

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