Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

Like with everything these days, the Fortnight video game comes with some dangers, especially towards kids! Parents, check out these warnings from the Today show...


Retiree Has Raised Over $30K Just Napping With Cats

September 25, 2018

 Pet shelter gets huge donations thanks to adorable photos.

When Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary posted a couple of photos of one of their volunteers last week, they had no idea the response they’d get. Terry Lauerman is a 75-year-old retiree who comes to spend time with the cats, caring for them and napping with them, and a few snaps of him snoozing with the felines has helped raise a lot of money for them.

The shelter first posted a picture of Lauerman dozing off with Louis the cat, and it took less than a day after that for the cat to be adopted. Since then, the staff snaps more photos every time they catch the volunteer cat napping. And after Lauerman expressed a desire for people to donate to the cage-free sanctuary, donations have been pouring in.

Safe Haven’s founder, Elizabeth Feldhausen, says the story of the cat napping grandpa has raised enough funds in donations to cover the shelter for a year. She’s vague about the amount, but says she’ll reveal it in the future.

“I never thought my post would get this reaction,” she says. “All the people who work here are making jokes about it. Like, ‘Well, if we knew all we had to do was fall asleep, the last two years would’ve been a breeze.’”

Source: Huffington Post

Dog Frees His Fur-Sib From Crate

The dream team of pups right here.


Weight Watchers Changing Its Name & Mission

Company will now be known as WW, and will focus on health and wellness

  • Weight Watchers just announced they are rebranding themselves “WW”
  • The company has also changed their mission from helping members just lose weight to improving overall health and wellness
  • They’ve partnered with the meditation and mindfulness tool Headspace, and have other changes planned for later this year

Say goodbye to Weight Watchers. No, the popular weight loss company isn’t closing up shop, but they are changing their name, and their mission.  The company just announced that they are rebranding themselves “WW,” with a goal of turning themselves from just a weight loss organization into an overall health and wellness organization.

“We will never abdicate our leadership in the best healthy eating program for weight loss in the world, but we can be so much more today," the company's president and chief executive, Mindy Grossman shares on “Today.” "We can inspire people for healthy habits, to help them eat better, move better, use their mind to help support their efforts and really be about total wellness."

The company’s new tagline will now be “Wellness That Works,” with the goal to help their members build healthy habits. They have also partnered with the meditation and mindfulness tool Headspace, which, starting October 4th, will be incorporated into the WW mobile app.

  • Other planned changes include a change to the FitPoints program on the app, a new “Connect Groups” feature that will help like-minded members find each other to share tips on their particular interests and foods, and WellnessWins rewards, where members earn “Wins” for their healthy habits and then redeem them for exclusive products and experiences.

Source: Today

Six Flags Offering Guests $300 To Spend 30 Hours In A Coffin

: Six Flags in Missouri is challenging Halloween-lovers to stay overnight in a coffin for a total of 30 hours.


  • Six Flags in St. Louis, Missouri has launched a Coffin Challenge as part of the park's Fright Fest
  • They're offering six people a chance to win $300, free ride tickets and two Gold Season passes
  • All contestants have to do is spend 30 hours in a coffin at the park, including overnight

If you’re really into getting spooked, Six Flags in St. Louis, Missouri has the perfect Halloween challenge for you. As part of the park’s Fright Fest, they’re offering $300, free ride tickets and two Gold Season Passes to six lucky people. All you have to do is spend 30 hours inside a six-foot coffin.

You don’t have to brave it alone, for the most part – competitors are allowed to invite a guest to keep them company during the park’s operating hours… but you’ll have to last the night by yourself. Coffin dwellers will also be given a bathroom break every hour, and will be fed from their “bed,” too. Not only that, but the coffin comes with a phone charging station and you’re allowed to bring a pillow and blankets for a more comfortable stay.

Feeling up to the challenge? Horror fans 18 years and older can fill out the Coffin Challenge registration form HERE. Registration for the October 13th event ends on October 4th and must accept by the end of the day on October 6th.

Source: Daily Mail

Pianist Jonny May gives ragtime makeovers to three of the biggest hits from the '80s, including Journey's "Don’t Stop Believin‘," Bon Jovi's "Livin’ on a Prayer," and Toto's "Africa."


Guy Smiles For The First Time Since He Was A Kid

Magic happens when people - like a dentist - decide to help someone out. In this case, Dillon Moore gets the smile he always dreamed up.

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