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Woman Saves Baby She Found Sitting In Hot Car In FL

She’s being praised by the police for saving the baby boy she found in the backseat of a hot car.  

Jessica Kaiser was walking past a car in a parking lot in Orange City, Florida, when she thought she saw a doll in the backseat. After taking a closer look, she realized it was a baby sitting in the 93-degree heat at three in the afternoon, with the windows rolled up, according to the police report. Luckily the door was unlocked, so she opened it and then called 911.

About 24 minutes after Kaiser called 911, the baby boy’s mother, Meagan Burgess, came back to her vehicle, frantically asking “Is he okay?” Kaiser hugs the shaken mom and assures her that her son is fine and Burgess thanks her. It seems the mom had dropped off her other three kids at her father’s house and went to run errands, forgetting the baby in the backseat.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office posted a video on Facebook describing the event and thanking Kaiser for taking action. "We avoided a disaster," Chitwood says in the video. "Thank the good lord for a good Samaritan by the name of Jessica Kaiser.”

Source: Inside Edition

Girl With 3D-Printed Hand Throws First Pitch At MLB Game

Her goal is to throw the first pitch at all 30 MLB ballparks.

Saturday night, eight-year-old Hailey Dawson threw out the first pitch at the Arizona Diamondbacks game at Chase Field in Phoenix. She was born with Poland Syndrome and has a 3D-printed hand, but she also has a goal of throwing the first pitch at all 30 MLB ballparks.

“We're honored and excited to have @haileys_hand throw out today's ceremonial first pitch on her #journeyfor30!,” the Diamondbacks tweeted.

Chase Field was her 22nd opportunity to throw the first pitch, so she’s only got eight more to go. And with determination like hers, she’s sure to reach her goal.

Source: News 5 Cleveland

 After foster failing twice, this woman ended up with two amazing dogs — and she felt ready to foster a pair of pittie puppies. She fell head over heels for Luna, the tiniest, snuggliest puppy she'd ever seen, but eventually she found her the perfect forever family.

A group of kids try out snacks for "old" people.

Kitty is all for playing with her human's toilet paper.

This  is a fantastic program to  feed kids during the  summer months...it's  called "COW" or Champs  (cafe) On Wheels. It's a  school bus converted to  an actual fresh food  cafe, going around the  community and serving kids  wholesome meals  planned by an actual  nutritionist. Click on the link  below to find out  the times and  locations...simply enter Port Charlotte  in the search  box as shown:


Or you can text "FOOD" (without the quotes) to: 877-877

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