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If you've ever had shingles, then you know it's no laughing matter. A chuckling matter...maybe. Bet you chuckle during this Shingle Jingle video:


How often have you wished you could understand what an animal was trying to communicate? Check out these Canadian Lynxes, arguing over something. Not sure what it is - but it's serious!


The leftover flowers from this weekend’s royal wedding are being donated to patients in hospice in London.

Brides and grooms often have a lot of leftover flowers from their weddings and receptions, and that was the case after the royal wedding Saturday. But Harry and Meghan found a lovely way to give a second life to the blooms from their nuptials - they donated them to patients at a hospice in London.

"Today we got a very special delivery. Beautiful bouquets made from the #royalwedding flowers which we gave to our patients," St. Joseph's Hospice wrote on Facebook, along with a photo of a smiling patient holding a bouquet. "A big thank you to Harry and Meghan and florist Philippa Craddock. Our hospice smells and looks gorgeous. Such a lovely gesture."

The new Duchess of Sussex also sent her bridal bouquet to Westminster Abbey to “rest on the Grave of the Unknown Warrior,” as a tribute to those who died in World War I and other military conflicts, according to a press release.

Source: Fox 13

Former Royal Family Chef Reveals Their Favorite Foods

The man who was the royal family’s personal chef for 15 years shares the culinary likes and dislikes of the House of Windsor.

As far as jobs go, being personal chef to the British royal family has to be one of the most interesting gigs out there. During his 15 years in that position, Darren McGradylearned exactly what Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, Princes William and Harry enjoyed eating. Here are some tidbits the former chef to the royal family reveals about their dining habits.

What Harry and William liked - McGrady cooked for the princes when they were young, so he says they had “children’s palates.” The boys were expected to eats their green veggies, but they were happy with a bowl of cereal, fried chicken, potato skins, and other comfort foods. Their former chef says William doesn’t care for spicy foods, but Harry is a big fan of curry, and they both love pizza.

Princess Diana didn’t eat red meat - Even though their mom didn’t eat it, both William and Harry liked beef tenderloin and baby back ribs.

The Queen LOVES chocolate - “For lunch, the Queen would eat anything off the estate - salmon, venison, grouse,” McGrady shares. “Also, she’s a chocoholic! She would have as much chocolate as possible.”

Roast chicken is a staple - McGrady says Prince Harry grew up on this dish, so it’s not surprising that his proposal to Meghan Markle included roast chicken.

Source: PopSugar

It's as amazing as it is frightening...watch as lava from the current Leilani Estates flow marks its course, destroying homes, cars, roads... and anything else in its path.


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