Tah Tah Tah-Tuesday!

Please help out the Suncoast Humane Society with any of these items you can...Our furry friends are counting on us!

Here's that father/daughter Girl Scout Cookie video that's gone viral. It's precious...popular...and generated close to 3 million views so far!!


Planning a party?  Here's a list of some of the most popular cocktails...

Most Popular Cocktails(by count of state)

  • Long Island Iced Tea (6)
  • Whiskey Sour (6)
  • Moscow Mule (5)
  • Tequila Sunrise (4)
  • Mimosa (4)
  • Tom Collins (3)
  • Paloma (3)
  • Mojito (3)

While several drinks are popular in multiple states, there are a few states that have favorites nobody else is drinking. Drinks popular in only one state include:

    • Mojito - FloridaOld Fashioned - WisconsinCosmopolitan – Rhode IslandBloody Mary - MinnesotaDaiquiri – LouisianaMai Tai - HawaiiManhattan - VermontMartini - Nevada

Human error has launched massive barrages of fireworks at the wrong time before. Tom Scott is doing it deliberately.


I'm an lover of "old" things like radios, Televisions, and especially old record LP (long play) albums.  Here's a video I found showing us all how to clean records cheaply and effectively...I can't wait to try this at home!


Clean Freaks Cares     Here's how you can help Clean Freaks help  our Veterans in need...Click the blue "Clean Freaks Cares" above to help out!

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