Carrie Underwood Unveils Romantic Ballad From Her Upcoming Deluxe Album

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Carrie Underwood debuted a romantic anthem as she keeps her Denim & Rhinestones era alive. The powerhouse artist released “Take Me Out,” a new song that sees a couple aiming to ignite a spark amid rushed routines. It’s set to appear as one of six new tracks on the deluxe album Underwood will share later this year.

“I miss your touch/ I miss that fire/ So kiss me like it's the first time tonight/ And take me out on the town/ Flirt with me in the dark/ Make my heart skip a beat/ Like only you can do to me/ Stealin' kisses in some old dive bar/ Make me feel like your woman/ Slow burnin' in a neon crowd/ Yeah, I'm wantin' you to want me, baby/ So take me out/ Take me out”

“Take Me Out” appears as one of six new tracks on the Denim & Rhinestones (Deluxe Edition), which is due on September 22. The extended project will also feature Underwood’s latest single, “Out Of That Truck,” the nostalgic breakup anthem that she released on her 40th birthday (she said at that time that “it was inevitable, I guess. I knew someday I’d have a truck song (and) I wasn’t wrecking it”). The new music joins the previously-released 12 tracks on the original Denim & Rhinestones last year. That includes smash-hits like “Ghost Story,” “Hate My Heart,” “Crazy Angels,” “Pink Champagne” and other fan-favorites.

Underwood started leaving hints on her social media channels throughout the week, after hosting an Official Fan Club Party at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. Attendees got an exclusive sneak peek of “something new and exciting coming this Friday,” Underwood wrote in an Instagram caption as she shared a reel to relive the highlights of the event. She confirmed on Thursday morning (June 8) that “Take Me Out,” would be her next Denim & Rhinestones track to release. The rest of the Denim & Rhinestones (Deluxe Edition) track list has not been announced as of publication time on Friday (June 9).

“We have a lot of songs that could be kind of considered ‘throwback’ type songs, but they sound so super fresh,” Underwood said of her array of musical influences when she released the original Denim & Rhinestones project. “These are just influences that are in me and work their way out, and I just decided this time not to get in my way. I feel like this one ended up being a bigger reflection of me as a person, as an artist. I grew up listening to so many different kinds of music. I feel like that is extremely evident in this body of work. …I really just wanted to make an album that just felt like fun.”

Listen to “Take Me Out” here:

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