Florida Republican Wants Congressional Offices Allowed In VA Facilities

Veterans Affairs-Eblast

Photo: Getty Images

A Florida congressman and wounded war veteran wants all of his peers from across the country to have what he once had.

Treasure Coast Republican Brian Mast has filed the "Veterans Access to Congress" bill, which would force the Department of Veterans Affairs to allow him and fellow congressmen to open offices in their hospitals.

He says the offices would allow representatives to "have oversight over what's going on in the VA, to help serve our veterans that are being seen in the VA whether with veterans issues or IRS or Social Security Administration or a host of other things."

Mast opened the first-ever Congressional office at a VA facility in 2017 but two years later, he was evicted.

"And the reason the VA doesn't want us in is because they don't like having members of Congress who are tasked with VA oversight actually being present for that VA oversight and that's the really sad part about it."

What is the reason being given by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs for not allowing these offices?

"We're being told by the VA that they only want clinical entities inside of the VA...those that are providing medical care." He says that is "just strictly B.S." because inside the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center you will find a Starbucks, union representatives and a place to get a haircut.

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