10 Drinks You Should Never Order At A Bar

Bartender pours cocktail adding whiskey in glass

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From Travel & Leisure, who knows a thing or two about drinking, here are The 10 Drinks You Should Never Order at a Bar:

1. Mojitos. The reason: bars don’t serve too many mojitos, so they probably don’t keep fresh mint, and who wants a mojito without the freshest quality garnish?

2. White Russians. They are made with cream or milk—ingredients that don’t keep very long, and something that bars often forget to restock, so there’s a good chance the cream’s expired

3. Frozen Drinks. They pack on the calories.

4. Draft Beers in a Dirty Bar. Bars that don’t clean their bathrooms probably don’t maintain their keg lines either.

5. A Bloody Mary. Because even many experienced bartenders may not know how to use Tabasco in drinks.

6. Red Bull and Any Booze. Alcohol is a depressant and caffeine is a stimulant, so the caffeine negates the inebriation effect of alcohol, and people end up drinking far more than they should.

7. Long Island Iced Teas. The combination of liquors contains well above the suggested alcohol quantity that anyone should consumer per hour. Plus, it can have upwards of 780 calories. Also, you look like an idiot drinking it over age 25.

8. Gin & Tonic. There are a surprising amount of calories from the tonic.

9. Shots. It’s a sneaky way for bars to charge you more for less alcohol. The weight of a shot glass may give you the impression you’re getting a lot of liquid, but many bars use shot glasses that hold less volume than the standard 2 ounces.

10. Any Drink That Comes With Cheap or Free Bar Food. You get what you pay for.

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