Jana Kramer Opens Up About Finding Woman's Topless Photo On Husband's Phone

Jana Kramer Opens Up About Finding Woman's Topless Photo On Husband's Phone

Jana Kramer Opens Up About Finding Woman's Topless Photo On Husband's Phone

Jana Kramer and her husband, Mike Caussin are candidly speaking out about a recent fight they had that's created more trust issues within their marriage.

On the latest episode of their podcast, Whine Down With Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin, listeners experienced first hand the raw discussion between the couple regarding a photo Kramer found of a topless women on Caussin's Apple Watch.

When Caussin initially received the photo via text, he quickly deleted it and didn't bring it up to Kramer. However, despite his effort keep Kramer from seeing the message, the country singer eventually found out after going through Caussin's Apple Watch.

"I see it and I know the right thing to do is to go get Jana, pull her aside and say, 'Hey. I just received this. I don't know what the hell it is but I just need you to know,'" Mike explained on the podcast.

"I was terrified to do so," he says about sharing the text with Kramer. "Jana and I have had a really good run recently- like not a lot of past stuff coming up, we've been handing situations pretty well, handling triggers pretty well, talking things out- it really felt like we were really building a lot of forward momentum."

"It just sucks," he adds. "As soon as we feel like we're hitting a good patch, my past behaviors and my past actions come back to haunt me. Because I know I didn't handle it in the way I had to, it made it even worse."

Kramer was then able to share her perspective of the situation.

"When I looked, I was like God da*nit. I saw it and my heart just fell. It's here. It's happened again," Kramer shared as she struggled to hold back tears. "I'm such a f**king idiot and I immediately called my best friend and I was just shaking crying outside and then I called the number and then I texted it and it was like, 'Sorry hun, can't talk on the phone. Do you want me to come over?' and I was just like, 'You texted my husband. I would love to know your correspondence. Please from one woman to another.'"

The text messages then got "really weird" which caused the singer to believe the number might be fake, however the hurt still remains. She ultimately feels like she was betrayed by Caussin's lack of total honesty.

"The sneakiness of feeling like he deleted it...I'm just sick of finding things. Then someone says don't look but it's hard not to look when I have that intuition to look," Kramer says. "The deleting things, whether it was a fluke text, sends me right back to him deleting all the messages that he did with his affairs. It's just heavy. My anxiety level is through the roof."

During the episode, the couple did confirm they are seeing a couple's therapist. Caussin also apologized on air to his wife saying, "I am sorry honey that I didn't handle it the way that we agreed upon. I didn't handle it the right way for myself, for you, for both of us."

On Monday morning (October 7), Kramer took to her Instagram to share an update following the tense and emotional ending to the episode.

"We decided to open the door into what happened and woah did we let it all out. Those of you may not understand the trauma and the pain around what we talked about and openly shared so please be nice and know we ended up keeping the episode because we hope it can help," she wrote on Instagram. "Be kind to us as honestly we are embarrassed by how fresh and raw this episode was."

She added, "Also. Because the podcast didn't end great...today we are good, and have grown stronger from it. See that's the thing, if you're both willing to fight you can get stronger on the other side. Love y'all and really appreciate the support. #bekindpls."

This emotional episode of White Down With Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin can be heard from start to finish here.

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