13 Jason Aldean Hits To Get You Through The Week

Jason Aldean is no stranger to a number one hit and with nearly 23 of them under his belt, it’s hard to narrow it down to a top 10. So, instead of fighting the good fight and nixing songs that clearly should make the cut, we have curated a top 13.

Here are 13 Jason Aldean hits to get you through the week:

1. Dirt Road Anthem:

Regardless of where you are on a dirt or pavement road, this hit is for the chillest of chill.

2. Burnin’ It Down:

For when your really content with life at the moment, but not sure what the future holds.

3. You Make It Easy:

For those rare moments when someone wows you. Use this tune to let them know.

4. Big Green Tractor:

For when you want to unapologetically jam out when stuck in a traffic jam.

5. She’s Country:

For the moments when you need to remember that girl in your life who is just a little wild.

6. Fly Over States:

For those moments where you want to remember

7. Rearview Town:

For 'Flipping off that "ya'll come back" sign.'

8. Night Train

For the night owls and love birds.

9. Hicktown:

This is the anthem for every single person who has ever lived or driven through in a rural community.

10. Amarillo Sky:

For the farmers.

11. My Kinda Party:

For when its Saturday night and you are feeling about as giddy as your horse.

12. Johnny Cash:

For kickin' off that road trip and blowing out of that small town.

13. Crazy Town:

For Nashville. The city we love.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.