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Boca Raton Community High School senior Denis Estimon remembers feeling isolated when he came to Boca Raton, Florida as a Haitian immigrant in the first grade. He’s a popular student now, but he doesn’t want other kids to feel alone, so he and some friends started a club called We Dine Together.

The club’s mission is to hang out in the school courtyard at lunch, making sure no one is sitting by themselves, wishing they had company. “To me it’s like, if we don’t try to go make that change,” Estimon says, “who’s going to do it?”

It’s having a big impact on the students, especially the new ones. Giving them someone to sit with and talk to can make a huge difference and make them feel accepted. That little bit of empathy goes a long way to make outsiders feel welcome, and makes high school a little more bearable.

Source: CBS News

The Full Story:

When a father checked in at an airport gate with his daughter who just turned two, he was told he needed to buy a last-minute ticket for the toddler to fly - once they’re two they need their own ticket. But the desperate dad couldn’t afford the $749 fare and was heartbroken, according to a bystander who shared the story in a Facebook post on the “Love What Matters” page.

That’s when a fellow passenger and good samaritan stepped forward and offered to purchase the ticket for the little girl. The generous stranger has been identified as Debbie Bolton, and she was moved to help after hearing the dad’s dilemma. But when the father asked for her name to repay her, she told him not to worry about it.

Bolton had hoped to stay anonymous after her good deed, but commenters to the post identified her. People who know her say they’re not surprised by her gesture and this is exactly the kind of thing she’d do. We love this story because she wasn’t stepping up to get credit for helping, but because it was the right thing to do. We need more Debbie Bolton’s in the world today.

Source: Daily Mail

Northeast braces for a major storm!

With the Spring Equinox about a week away, 50-million Americans are in the crosshairs of Winter Storm Stella as the Northeast is bracing for a major winter storm. Forecasters say New York City, southern Connecticut, and Boston are under a blizzard watch with snow and powerful winds expected to hit tonight and tomorrow.

Folks in the Midwest are already getting a taste, but Stella is set to pack a wallop as she moves east. What gives? Intense wind and cold as multiple systems combining with each other.

New York City could see as many as 18-inches of snow and the Baltimore area could get up to a foot starting tomorrow tonight. Points north? Even more – perhaps as much as two-feet. Those in the path of this powerful storm are being warned to prepare for dangerous travel conditions, airline delays and possible power outages.

Source: The Weather Channel

The president (Alec Baldwin) talks to the military about an alien invasion in this "Saturday Night Live."

How to Dad is back with another lesson, this time on how to get your kids to help you with folding the laundry.

Scientists show off their newest invention for pets.

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