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Your Choice Of Soup = Your Choice In Men???

Wonton noodle soup

Photo: kwei / Moment / Getty Images

It is after all National Soup Month, so we might as well ladle it our for you!

Ladies, the soup you slurp does more than take the chill off a cold day. Psychologists have discovered an astonishing link between your choice of soup and what kind of man will really bring your passion to a boil. "A recent study shows that a woman's choice of soup reveals her ideal fantasy man," says psychiatric researcher Miriam Douglas of Cincinnati, OH.

French onion

You have a daring, adventurous personality, and you're always ready for a challenge. Chances are you're attracted to men with similar tastes, and you can best bond with them by sharing some electrifying experiences.

Chicken noodle

You're a warm-hearted, nurturing woman who places your sweetheart at the center of your world. Smart men are a real turn-on for you, and you show your love by thoroughly pampering your honey.


You're a responsible person who looks for a man who's a true partner, sharing in all decisions. And if your sweetie gives you the high degree of devotion you crave, you'll shower him with affection in return.

Clam chowder

You have a habit of falling in love with love, and your taste for novelty may keep you changing partners on a regular basis. Don't be so quick to rush from man to man because you could miss your soul mate in the shuffle.

Cream of Tomato

You yearn for the good life, and an ambitious man with a lot on the ball is right down your alley. You're willing to work right alongside him to achieve the financial security you must have to be happy.

Baked potato

You're a straight shooter who demands a matching honesty from your mate. Most importantly, if a man shares your strong sense of community and volunteerism, he's sure to win your heart.

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