Flat tire of an old rusty car close up

Photo: Getty Images

From DailyFinance.com, here are 10 life skills you should master by age 30:

1. Changing a Flat Tire

2. Repairing Your Pipes

3. Assembling an Emergency Kit. Buy three nylon duffel bags, then head to the hardware store and fill them with the essentials. In addition, have a “top five” of close people you’d call for help in an emergency.

4. Mixing a Signature Cocktail. Having a go-to cocktail that you can make for yourself is a classy life hack that will make you a better host.

5. Mastering at Least One Dish. Pick a dish that requires a mix of multiple ingredients at different times. Spaghetti doesn’t count, but spaghetti carbonara does.

6. Wrapping a Present. Learn how to wrap presents creatively with all kinds of materials.

7. Figuring Out the Tip

8. Creating a Monthly Budget. There are tons of programs to help track your spending and expenses. Pick one and start budgeting month-by-month. Once you get the hang of it, start a year-long savings plan.

9. Effectively Packing Luggage. Bring exactly the amount of undergarments, shirts, and pants you’ll need, and only essential toiletries.

10. Mending Clothing