Holiday Tipping

Who gets a Christmas tip and who doesn’t? Here’s some advice from Heather Wiese-Alexander, an etiquette expert:– Your doorman: Base the tip on the value of your living space. Usually, that’s around $25-$100. “If you’re in a penthouse, go big or go home.” (Wha??? If you’re in a penthouse, you ARE home.)

– Maintenance workers: A cash gift of $25 along with a hand-written note. Someone like the building superintendent should get more: around $100-$200, taking into consideration the price of your home

.– Lawn service: a tip of $25-$50 is appropriate.

– Trash collectors and workplace janitors can receive $10-$20.

– Gift wrappers, luggage porters and baggage handlers: Tip $1-$2 per person at minimum, up to $5 per person if you’re feeling generous

.– Personal care providers: If you regularly visit a personal trainer, hairstylist, barber, nail technician, massage therapist or other one-on-one specialist, you should tip the value of one extra session.– Dry cleaners: A gift card or homemade goods are more thoughtful.

– Child care providers: A tip of $50 to $75 per person is great. An added note of appreciation is even better.– Pet care: A $20 holiday tip is nice, while $50 is lovely.

– Mail and package carriers: Generally, they’re not allowed to accept cash tips or gifts worth more than $20.

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