Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

North Port City Hall

Bring the whole family out to 4970 City Hall Blvd, North Port, Florida 34286 From 6 to 8pm....

This is a great chance to get to know your First Responders, Local Businesses, and each other!  Let's have a great time together enjoying great music by Stone Krow, lots of demonstrations by local law enforcement, and let us show the bad guys that we are united as a community in watching over our homes, communites and each other!  We'll see you TONIGHT!   from 6-8pm with Kix Country 92.9!


Hot "The Voice" rumor! This Labelle native is supposed to perform tonight. Voice producers won't confirm or deny but it's what we've heard at KIX Country. Wyatt has an album out already...but is he poised for super stardom? We shall see...



Teacher Gets Help After Plea Goes Viral

 A Baltimore teacher now has tons of supplies after actress Kristen Bell offered to help

The power of celebrity is a mighty thing these days. A Baltimore school teacher has been pleading for help in getting supplies for her students. Thanks to actress Kristen Bell, she now has more supplies than she knows what to do with.

Baltimore city school teacher Kristen Johnson is so thankful after actress Kristen Bell posted her plea for supplies on her Instagram account. In the video, Johnson talks about one of her students in need. "One of my girls said she couldn't come to school because it was raining, and she didn't have an umbrella or a rain jacket, so instead of walking to school and being soaked, she would just stay home, wasn't going to school," Johnson said.

Kristen Bell is participating in the "10 Featured Teachers challenge," which is a call for fans to send supplies to teachers in need. It's working.

Source: MSN

New Snickers Flavors Are Coming

 If you love Snickers bars, but the peanuts are your least favorite part, get excited.

Now that it’s October, everyone’s talking about all the Halloween candy hitting store shelves, but we’re all about these new candy bars that aren’t even coming out until next year. Snickers has announced they’re creating three new flavors and they all contain one key word: “creamy.” Snickers Creamy Peanut Butter, Creamy Almond Butter and Creamy Maple Almond Butter bars don’t contain any of the brand’s signature whole peanuts, these are all smooth nut butter bars and they won’t be available until January 2019.

The folks at the Today show’s office got to sample the upcoming Snickers flavors and there were mixed reviews on them. But among those lucky few taste testers, the Maple Almond Butter was the hands-down favorite flavor. As for the rest of us, we’ll have to wait for 2019 with classic Snickers bars until the newbies arrive.

Source: Today

She may have started a big fire, but look at the bright side...she never does swear.


Unique Costumes Are "In" This Halloween

: Most people are looking to stand out on Halloween this year

  • A new poll finds that 25% of people say they are looking for a unique one-of a kind Halloween costume this year
  • 40% of people planning to dress up say they’ll choose a costume based on pop culture, with only 5% picking a political or historical costume
  • 10% of people plan to put their pet in a Halloween costume, with that number going up to 15% for Millennials

When it comes to Halloween costumes, more and more people want to stand out from the crowd, so if you’re thinking of going as Wonder Woman or Batman, you may want to rethink that decision

A new poll finds that this year’s most popular costume is one that nobody else has. That’s right, 25% of people say they are looking for a unique, one-of a kind Halloween costume, followed by a costume that’s funny (19%), scary or gory (17%), cute (15%) or sexy (14%).

Folks should also expect to see a lot of their favorite TV and movie characters, since more people who plan to dress up will likely choose costumes based on pop culture (40%), than classic costumes like witches or werewolves (29%), animals (14%), and professions (8%), with the least popular costume being a political or historical one (5%). We should also expect to see a lot of couples costumes, with 57% of people saying they plan to coordinate their costume with someone, or several people.

  • And it turns out costumes aren’t just for humans. It seems 10% of people plan to put their pet in a Halloween costume, with that number going up to 15% or Millennials. That's just cruel...

Source: Yahoo Finance

Reuben the Bulldog has no problem letting his human know he wants attention. Like, NOW.

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