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Continuing coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Florence...


Volunteers Rescue 18 Dogs From Flooded NC Neighborhood

Pets left behind in Hurricane Florence were saved by kind strangers in North Carolina.

A friend asked April Casey to help her rescue cats from flooded areas near Kinston, North Carolina after Hurricane Florence left the area drenched, but flooded streets made it impossible for her to get where she was heading. So she got out of her car and as she was walking, Casey heard dogs nearby whimpering and barking for help, so she made it her mission to rescue them.

Casey found the dogs at a nearby house, some trapped inside, some outside in a kennel and all of them scared as floodwaters rose around them. She enlisted the help of her friends and family, they brought a jet ski and some jon boats to help free the pooches and get them to higher ground. For about an hour and a half, people returned to the flooded house and brought the shaking, soaked dogs to safety.

In all, Casey and the other volunteers rescued 18 dogs, 10 of whom have already been reunited with their owners. “I love dogs. I love animals period,” Casey says. “They can’t save themselves.” So it’s a good thing she was there to do it for them.

Source: News and Observer

*LIST* Most Popular Kids’ Halloween Costumes This Year

: Costumes kids will want for candy collecting.

Fall is practically here and that means kids are already deciding what they want to dress up as for Halloween this year. There are always little ghosts, witches, and princesses out trick-or-treating, but there are always fun, new costumes inspired by popular shows, movies, and video games. Here are the looks you’ll probably see come to your door with candy buckets in hand on October 31st.

  • Miguel Rivera - If your kid can’t stop watching “Coco” they’ll love dressing up as the 12-year-old heroic main character.

  • The Incredibles - Expect to see lots of families dressed as “The Incredibles” characters, and plenty of kids going as Violet, Dash, or Jack Jack.

  • Black Panther - Superheroes are always popular costumes, and this year’s trick-or-treaters are bound to include several T’Challas, Shuris and Okyoes.

  • Daniel Tiger - The preschool set loves the friendliest tiger in the neighborhood on PBS Kids.

  • Unicorns - All you really need for this one is a horn, but an all-white outfit and a colorful wig and tail makes it that much better.

  • Porgs - These small, penguin-like creatures from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” will make adorable Halloween costumes.

  • Han Solo - Fans of “Solo” are going to want to dress up as the star.

  • Narwhal - Move over, mermaids, narwhals are the unicorn of the sea, so they’re the new trendy sea creature to be.

  • Fortnite Characters - There will be no shortage of trick-or-treating Raptors and Red Knights inspired by the popular video game.

Source: PopSugar

A sweet baby sugar glider sprawls out as he gets a belly rub.

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