Thursday, September 13th, 2018

Cops Surprise Bullied Teen With New Bike

 The teen was bullied for riding his sister’s pink bike and now he’s been given a bicycle of his own.

A teen with special needs who was bullied for riding his sister’s pink bicycle has been given a bike of his own from Cleveland police officers. First District Officers Ross and Raddell found out about 18-year-old Elvis from his mom when she called to report him missing. He came back home on his own later, but the officers were inspired to do something nice for him.

The officers reached out to the Cleveland Police Foundation and thanks to the Cops for Kids program, they were able to arrange for a brand new bicycle for Elvis - in his favorite color - red. They also gave the teen a helmet and a basketball, so he has something to do when he’s not riding around the neighborhood.

“The officers found Elvis to be an affectionate young man,” The Cleveland Police Foundation shares on its Facebook page. “Elvis couldn’t believe he had his own bike and rode it proudly down the block!”

Source: Yahoo

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