Friday, August 24th, 2018

Stuff like this gives one hop for future generations! Dwaine is a boy who's suffered with cerebral palsy since birth - but his biggest passion is football. He's even an honorary member of a youth league team. In a recent game, BOTH teams took time and put competition aside to allow Dwaine to score his first ever touchdown. Truly heartwarming...

I've invited everyone to a live radio show this Saturday...please let me explain why!

You see, I wear a few different hats here at iHeartRadio - one of them being producer of a weekly talk radio program about antiques, vintage, collectibles and home decorating called "Marc Speaking." Marc Washicheck is the host, and also owner of Cherry Hill Home in Port Charlotte. 

Marc is an artist (among many other things!) who makes one of a kind home decor items and speaks regularly on the subject of home decorating. His (our...I'm also a co-host) show airs Saturday mornings from 10-11 AM, and THIS Saturday we'll do the whole show live from Marc's store, Cherry Hill Home.

We'd love to include you in our live audience. Marc will speak on a variety of topics including how to decorate without spending any money, and take your home decor questions as well. Refreshments will be provided. 

WE NEED TO KNOW YOU'RE COMING so we can make sure to have enough chairs. To reserve a seat, please call OR text Marc at (941)286-8617. Tell him how many seats you need and then just arrive by 9:45 on Saturday morning.

Here's a link to Mark's website:

And here are directions to the Saturday broadcast at Cherry Hill Home:

2811 Tamiami Trail, Unit N (in the back)

DREAM JOB! I'd take it myself but I'm unwilling to relocate and give up my lucrative (HA!) job here. Go ahead...apply here to become "Assistant Director Of Cheese!"

A listener who speaks Russian says this little girl does NOT say something naughty when she takes a tumble in this video. Apparently "Blyat" isn't a russian word at all! So...for some G-rated fun, watch this...

Add another reason (on top of the other billion or so) that dogs are awesome. I'm not prepared to say this dog is psychic, but he sure saved his pet-parent's bacon in this video...

: Here's how White House press briefings sound in Sarah Huckabee Sanders' head...

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