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Fort Myers Police Department Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller was wounded in the line of duty on July 21st, 2018. ***Official Fort Myers Police Department Fund set up for the sole purpose of helping Officer Jobbers-Miller's family with any expenses they may incur. Dispersal of all funds to his family...

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Eating Beef Jerky Can Cause Mania

: Science says snacking on these cured meats could induce mania.

When scientists studying Baltimore psychiatric patients asked about their diets, they found the ones who reported eating beef jerky and other cured meats were more than three times more likely to be treated for mania than other patients. “The Atlantic” reports that researchers followed up with tests on rats and sadly, found that the rats given beef jerky showed more excited behavior and slept irregularly, which is basically the rat version of a manic episode.

So why does beef jerky lead to mania? The research team believes it’s the effects of nitrates, the preservatives used in cured meats, which are to blame. They think nitrates may have been altering the microbiomes of the rats and the humans. Of course, this study isn’t conclusive and researchers point out it’s too soon to warn against eating nitrates. But since previous research has shown that processed meats can cause cancer, jerky lovers beware.

Source: Esquire

Workers Reveal Dirty Little Secrets Of Their Industries

July 25, 2018

: Restaurant, hotel workers and more share things about their fields that you probably don’t want to know

  • A thread on Reddit has workers revealing dirty little secrets about their industries
  • One pizza guy shared that ordering more toppings will get you less stuff, while a restaurant worker noted that restaurants with huge menus means most stuff is frozen
  • Hotel workers chimed in to share that comforters are rarely cleaned 

They say ignorance is bliss, and a new thread on Reddit has some folks wishing they were still ignorant as to what goes on behind-the-scenes in some industries.

It all started when a user posed the question, “'What dirty little secret does your profession hide that the consumer should know?,” and then the floodgates opened with over 8,000 responses sharing things you’d probably rather not know about the food industry, hotel industry and more.

  • For example, one restaurant worker shared, “The larger the menu at a restaurant the greater the chance your food was frozen and just reheated,” while a chef at a pizza place noted, “the more toppings you order the fewer of each you actually get while still being charged the same price per topping.”
  • Those seem innocent enough, but when hotel workers started chiming in, things got gross. “Most of the time the comforter is only changed when visibly dirty,” one hotel manager posted. “Always take off the comforter and use the blanket in the closet, or ask them to bring you one.” A former housekeeper seconded that, noting, “Previous housekeeper. Can confirm. It's disgusting,” with another adding, “unless they were visibly dirty they only wash them once per month. Sometimes less during down season.”

Meanwhile a sign language interpreter revealed about his colleagues, “A huge amount of them are underskilled and uncertified. When they don't understand a Deaf person, they will simply make up a translation and the deaf person never hears it. The writer says the damage is worse than you think “It leads to a lot of hearing people thinking a lot of Deaf people are morons," the poster adds. "And a lot of Deaf people distrusting and being frustrated by hearing people patronizing them.”

Source: Daily Mail

This devoted stepmom got down on one knee, brandishing a ring, to ask her beloved step-daughter a very important question: ‘Will you be my real daughter?"

This guy's been with his lady for 14 years...and she just caught the bouquet at a wedding. Word is, he "avoids wedding conversations at all costs." Oops.

This  is a fantastic program to  feed kids during the  summer's  called "COW" or Champs  (cafe) On Wheels. It's a  school bus converted to  an actual fresh food  cafe, going around the  community and serving kids  wholesome meals  planned by an actual  nutritionist. Click on the link  below to find out  the times and  locations...simply enter Port Charlotte  in the search  box as shown:

Or you can text "FOOD" (without the quotes) to: 877-877

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