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The C.O.W. Bus (Champs on Wheels)

     This  is a fantastic program to feed kids during the summer's  called "COW" or Champs (cafe) On Wheels. It's a school bus converted to  an actual fresh food cafe, going around the community and serving kids  wholesome meals planned by an actual nutritionist. Click on the link  below to find out the times and locations...simply enter Port Charlotte  in the search box as shown:

Funny Friday Video!

Parents....need a refresher course on how to handle the kiddoes over the summer? How about a drill instructor's approach...



A new study of 2,000 people from website found that an 92 percent of Americans consider frugality to be an attractive quality in a partner or potential partner. They asked people whether certain behaviors were either cheap or frugal:

– Not leaving a tip at all (regardless of service) — the majority said CHEAP

– Reusing tea bags or coffee filters — CHEAP

– Calculating your part of a group bill to the cent — CHEAP

– Lengthening longevity of soap by diluting soap bottles with water — CHEAP

– Re-gifting — CHEAP– 

Always tipping 15 percent, even if the service is outstanding — CHEAP

– Eating food a few days past its expiration date — CHEAP

– Declining to be a part of rounds at the bar — CHEAP

– Keeping outdated or worn out electronics that barely work — FRUGAL

– Buying no-name electronics — FRUGAL

– Only having alcohol at home — FRUGAL

– Watching movies at home instead of in the theatre — FRUGAL

– Regularly tracking the home thermostat — FRUGAL

– Shopping at second-hand clothing stores — FRUGAL

– Buying off-brand food products — FRUGAL

– Buy clothes at department stores like Kmart, Walmart etc — FRUGAL

– Regularly tracking electricity use — FRUGAL

– Seeking out deals or coupons for all purchases — FRUGAL

She Thought She Won $500, Then Realizes She Won $1M

 A Michigan woman thought she won $500 on her lottery ticket, but she was a much, much bigger winner.

For one Michigan lottery player, it took three tries before she realized just how much she’s won. The 60-year-old St. Clair County woman thought she’d won $500 on a Super Bonus Cashword instant game, which is set up like a crossword puzzle. She took her ticket in thinking she’d scratched off seven words, totalling $500, but the clerk said it couldn’t be cashed.

So she went home and checked the ticked out again, finding two more words she’d missed, boosting her prize to $5,000. Then the next day, she looked at it again and found another word she’d missed, bringing her total to 10 words - the game’s top prize, which is worth a million bucks."I thought: 'This can’t be real!',” the winning woman says. “So, I called the Lottery and when the woman on the phone confirmed I’d won $1 million, I started shaking so much I dropped the phone."

Source: USA Today

Oh NO!

Disneyland Testing Paying By Hour

The Bottom Line: That "Happiest Place on Earth" is about to cost you a prettier penny...

How much is a trip to Disney worth to you? The company Disney has begun testing “dynamic pricing” concept that would charge visitors by the hour to enjoy the park. To kick things off? California Adventure's highly-anticipated Pixar Pier is opening a day early today for dedicated fans who pay 299-dollars – or 50-bucks an hour – to get in.

Apparently, the sneak peek party is to see if people are willing to empty their pockets to avoid crowds. Yes, that’s exactly why the price is so high – to limit crowds. The idea is that: 1000 people at $299 will generate the same revenue as 3000 people at $100, but because the $299 event will be much less crowded, guests will enjoy it much more.

This comes as Disneyland makes major changes to its annual passes and ticket prices, all ahead of next year's opening of Star Wars land.

Source: Wall Street Journal

A typical skydive makes an exciting turn when this guy proposes to his girlfriend.


Talking on the phone has its own body language and Kevin has the translation.


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