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In today's adorable moment, this cop stops traffic to let a kitty cross the street.


A new relationship meme making its rounds on Twitter breaks down what  women really want to hear. The meme uses a dated stock photo of a guy  whispering in a woman’s ear while she smiles and the caption reads:  “Post the four words every girl wants whispered in her ear.”

And of course, Twitter has had lots of fun with it. There were some  earnest comments, like “Will you marry me?” but who cares about those.  We’re all about the fun answers, like these:

  • “He’s gonna be impeached”
  • “I loaded the dishwasher”
  • “I don’t watch sports”
  • “Go buy another pair”
  • “Paid your student loans”
  • “You’re right. I’m wrong”
  • “I got extra guac”
  • “Let’s watch some Lifetime”
  • “I make my sandwiches”
  • “Sleep. I got this”
  • “There is more wine”
  • “Here’s my credit card”
  • “I voted for Hillary”
  • “I’m sorry. You’re right”
  • “Let’s get some tacos”
  • “Yeah, hire a housekeeper”
  • “I baked a cheesecake”
  • “I’m not DJ Khaled”

Source: Whimn

Hospitals are warning against wearing expensive leggings in MRI scanners.

  • Hospitals across the country are warning against wearing workout  leggings in MRI scanners because they could lead to burns on the skin.
  • Metallic fibers inside brand name leggings from Lululemon and Athleta can move inside the scanner, which causes the burn.
  • Hospitals suggest wearing cotton or hospital gowns.

Ladies-and some gents- we love our leggings, but you may want to  ditch them next time you get an MRI. Patients are being told to leave  their Lululemons at home and switch in to cotton T-shirts or hospital  gowns before they head in for an MRI since a new study shows the fibers  inside the leggings can actually burn you. 

Hospitals across the country including Stony Brook University in New  York, the University of California, and Mount Sinai hospitals are  posting signs in their offices warning against wearing the leggings.  Tiny meal threads are found woven within the most popular leggings-think  Lululemon or Athleta- and while they may be good at wicking sweat, they’re not so good at preventing burns during an MRI scan.

One 11-year-old girl learned the hard way. She was sedated for her  MRI scan for scoliosis and when she woke up, she was left with second  degree burns. What she didn't know, considering there were no labels,  was that her undershirt contained the metallic fibers. 

So what exactly happens? An MRI scanner uses electromagnetism and  radiowaves, so they basically become a powerful magnet. Any type of  metal, including the tiny metal threads in sports leggings, could  possibly move during the scan causing a burn. Researchers specifically  warn against Lululemon leggings made with “Silverescent” technology that  prevents odors, Gap’s Athleta brand leggings and Columbia Sportswear  Omni-Heat line. If you’re unsure, since most metallic fibers are  unnoticeable, look for labels on your clothes that say “anti-microbial”  or “anti-bacterial” as those usually contain the “silver technology.”  Your best bet is to just wear cotton or a hospital gown.

Source: Market Watch

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