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Perhaps you heard me mention a new (to me) radio show? It's all about antiques, collectibles, decorating...and well, life! Host Marc Washicheck has asked me be on the show too, which is a big thrill for me. Check it out on iHeartRadio by clicking the link:

Listen to Marc Speaking, Saturday mornings at 10:05 AM!


You heard me introduce you to someone I call a "Real Estate Rock  Star," and perhaps you wanted her number again. Here's how to contact  her and   remember if you text her she'll give you a special 2.5%  commission rate,  which will save you lots of money at closing:

Jen Weitzel 

Call or text anytime:  (941)769-7443

email at:


How do you know when you are an adult? A new study of 2,000 millennials has compiled the 40 factors that make someone an adult, according to millennials.Top 40 Signs of “Adulting”:

– Having a steady job

– Being financially independent

– Paying a bill on your own

– Paying rent/mortgage on your own

– Paying for your car on your own (gas, repairs, monthly payment, etc.)

– Budgeting for monthly expenses

– Filing taxes

– Cooking your own meals

– Moving out of the family home

– Being on time for work

– Paying off a credit card bill or student loan debt

– Understanding/monitoring your credit score or credit report

– Having a car

– Doing your own laundry

– Doing the dishes regularly

– Booking your own appointments

– Investing in a 401K

– Spending money on or doing a necessary chore instead of indulging in a leisure activity

– Showering/bathing regularly

– Changing your sheets/towels regularly

– Frequently going grocery shopping

– Having children

– Doing your own home repair

– Stopping after only a few drinks

– Reading/watching the news

– Confronting somebody you’re in conflict with in person instead of blasting them on social media

– Moving in with a significant other

– Getting excited about a mundane purchase (new washing machine, frying pan, etc.

– Owning stock

– Having a significant other

– Calling your parents regularly– Going to bed before 11 p.m

.– Having a view on politics

– Washing your face before bed, or having a ‘skincare routine

’– Choosing clothing based on comfort more than style

– Preferring a night in to a night out

– Living in a place other than your hometown

– Drinking wine

– Throwing dinner parties

– Matching home decor

A confused couple keeps getting ticketed even though they don’t own a car.

  • A Manhattan couple keeps getting tickets for a car they don’t have.
  • It’s believed someone is using their old plates and getting parking tickets.
  • The couple has sent in the receipts of their returned plates, but it took a while for police to dismiss their ticket.

Manhattan couple Bob and Sandi Durell keep receiving parking tickets. The only problem is they don’t own a car. It all started when they received a notice from the Department of Finance Parking Violations Bureau of $100 for two unpaid tickets. One for an expired muni meter and the other for having a license plate number that didn’t match the registration sticker.

“I don’t have a car,” Sandi says. “Why am I getting these tickets?” The couple used to have a car in 2013 and even turned in the license plates at the DMV. They sent in their receipts for the plates along with the car’s bill of sale as proof they’re not guilty, but were stunned with the Parking Bureau’s decision. They were found not guilty of the muni meter violation, but guilty of the license plate charge.

The DMV typically destroys license plates turned into its offices at a recycler in upstate New York, but in some cases plates may end up on other vehicles. “Somebody is doing something illegal," Sandi speculates.

They submitted their paperwork again and the Appeals Boar dismissed the summons. The only issue they face now, is the possibility of it happening again. “Those plates are still out there," Bob says. "And it could happen again and again and again.”

Source: Pix 11

Ellen Looks Back at Her Favorite Pranks

New report reveals the supermarket that gets the highest marks for customer experience

  • According to a new report, the supermarket industry is tops for customer experience earning a 79%, which puts them in first place across 20 industries
  • Wegmans is by far the customer favorite, earning an 86%, which not only puts them tops for supermarkets, but gives them the highest score over all industries
  • Amazon Fresh earned the lowest score at 67%, with Whole Foods and Hannaford not much farther behind with 72%

Going to the supermarket can certainly be a chore, but there are definitely some chains that make the experience of shopping for groceries a pleasant one. A new report reveals exactly which ones are earning high marks with customers.

According to the 2018 Temkin Experience Ratings, shoppers are actually pretty happy with supermarkets in general. Overall, the industry earns a 79%, which is considered “excellent,” and earns them first place for customer experience across 20 industries. 

As for specific markets, Wegmans is by far the customer favorite, earning an 86%, which not only puts them tops for supermarkets, but gives them the highest score over all industries. H-E-B and Publix ties for second with an 83%, and puts them at number seven for overall customer experience.

As for the chains getting the worst customer experience grades, Amazon Fresh earned the lowest score at 67%, with Whole Foods and Hannaford not that much farther behind with 72%.

Top Ten Supermarkets For Customer Experience(click here to see the entire list)

  1. Wegmans: 86%
  2. H-E-B: 83%
  3. Publix: 83%
  4. Aldi: 82%
  5. Wawa Food Markets: 82%
  6. Trader Joe's: 81%
  7. ShopRite: 81%
  8. Save-a-lot: 80%
  9. Food Lion: 80%
  10. Meijer: 79%

Source: Business Journals

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