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I'm so flattered to have been asked to emcee the Sweetheart Ball to benefit Crossroads Hope Academy. These dedicated people are doing some wonderful work with teen aged  boys that have been unsuccessfully placed in foster homes. These are the hardest to place of all foster kids and Crossroads is helping turn their lives around! Please buy tickets for the ball, which is Feb. 10th at the Cultural Center. I'll see you there!!

In case you missed it, Here's footage taped earlier of Punxatawney Phil...Did he see his shadow?  What does that mean?


An Eagles fan refuses to leave the Rocky statue so that he can save it from vandals.

Remember two weeks ago when we reported that a Viking fan or fans had desecrated one of Philadelphia’s most sacred landmarks—the Rocky Statue—and draped it in Vikings colors?

Still, given the Eagles pummeled the Vikings 38-7 NFC Championship Game victory, you would think Eagles fans would have been thrilled when a Patriots fan managed to do the same thing this weeksneaking a Tom Brady jersey onto the “Rocky” statue over the weekend.

Well Eagles fan Jordie Demcher is making damn sure that no one else goes near Rocky this weekend, standing guard at the iconic statue located in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art since Wednesday night.

“This means everything to me,” Demcher said. “A lot of people will sit there and they’ll say ‘Oh, this is ridiculous that people from Philly are going to protect the statue of a fictional character.’ We know that Rocky is a movie character that was portrayed by Sylvester Stallone. We know he’s not real, we’re not idiots. But this statue, to Philadelphia, it means more. It’s a metaphor. It’s a metaphor for hope, it’s a metaphor that says that greatness can come out of this city, and that’s what I’m out here protecting, I’m not necessarily just protecting Rocky, I’m protecting the hopes and the dreams of this city.”

I could see why he got so angry considering—unlike the Vikings fans who just draped the statue in a towel and scarf—the pats fans made it appear as if the figurine was actually wearing Brady’s Number 12 jersey.

Hey, not like his arms raised in the air over his head doesn’t make it easy. I mean, try getting that jersey on a statue of Ben Franklin atop City Hall.

Wait, why would that bother Philly fans? I mean, he actually existed.

Anyway, at last check, the temperature dipped below 21 on Wednesday night or maybe that was his IQ. Either way, Fly Eagles Fly.

Source: The Sports Daily

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