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Clean Freaks Cares     Here's how you can help Clean Freaks help  our Veterans in need...Click the blue "Clean Freaks Cares" above to help out!

Clean Freaks

A fifth grader at Atwater  elementary is fighting for his life as he battles brain cancer, and a Go  Fund Me page has been set up for donations. If you would like to help,  please click on the link!

A big "Thank You" to Rebecca, Kaitlyn, and Wendy from the Charlotte High School Drama Club for joining us, and telling us about the new performance of "Into The Woods".  You can get tickets to this wonderful and inspiring play by clicking the image below.....

Old Fashioned Flu Remedies That Actually Work! - It’s time to revisit tried and true ways to knock down your flu.

Old fashioned remedies are the way to go if you want to return to normal faster. Here are a few:

  • * Take Oregano oil. It’s supposed to have antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • * Gargle with salt water. It helps ease a sore throat and kill bacteria.
  • * Menthol rub. Timeless…
  • * Take ginger. It’s a great nausea and upset stomach fighter.
  • * Eat Kiwi’s. They have more vitamin C than oranges.


Skygazers are in for a triple treat early Wednesday, when a total  lunar eclipse occurs during a blue moon and a supermoon. It’s a rare  event that some have started to call a “super blue blood moon.”


The blue moon will take place on Jan. 31. The moon  will look larger, beam brighter and give off a reddish glow, hence the  “blue blood moon” moniker. The last time these three lunar events happened at the same time was in 1982.


The total lunar eclipse will occur when the Earth  moves between the sun and the moon, preventing sunlight from reaching  the moon. It just so happens to be a blue moon, or the second full moon  of the month, as well as a so-called supermoon because the full moon is  closer to Earth, looking bigger and more luminous than normal. The next  blue moon lunar eclipse during a supermoon will not happen again until  2037.

Time Magazine

and...Here's a live stream of the Super Blue Blood Moon...


There's a viral petition going around that asks the FDA to allow Food Stamp recipients to be allowed to use their benefits for pet food. Is this a good idea?  Here's the petition:

and ...Here's our Facebook poll:


This cute little tot has discovered she's being followed her shadow.

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