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In a new study conducted by the UK’s Metro website, men have revealed the main reasons they swipe left on women’s Tinder profiles. Ladies – this is what will cause men to avoid you

1. Posing with ‘duck faces’ and cutesy Snapchat filters

2. Posing with exotic animals in vacation pictures to appear well-traveled

3. Using ‘pretentious’ music lyrics in place of a bio

4. Meaningless bios such as: ‘I like going out… but also staying in’

5. Poor spelling and grammar

6. Saying they attended the ‘University of Life

7. Using the phrase ‘I love life

’8. Having voted to Leave the European Union

9. Being a vegan

10. Women who describe themselves as ‘fun-loving’

11. Photos that include her children, her mother, Jesus, or her in a wedding gown

12. Not including any photos at all

13. Any mention of religion

Just because they make doggo snow boots, doesn't mean every dog will wear them! This is a must see:

Watch the video here

Being unaccustomed to cold weather, a lot of us develop a painful condition when it does hit known as "Freeze Face." Take a mirror with you on your next journey outside and you'll see what we mean! Or just listen to our J. Geils Band mashup instead...

Take a snowy ride on a train in winter...enjoy the beautiful scenery in real time...


Patriots fans leave behind hundreds of blankets to donate to help keep Boston’s homeless warm.

The New England Patriots want  to help cover the homeless from the arctic air freezing the area and  they got some help from their fans to get the job done. Fans brought  blankets to keep themselves warm as they watched the game at Gillette  Stadium last week and the team encouraged folks to leave them behind  afterwards.

The 1,200 blankets were laundered and  folded and now some of them are set to be distributed at Boston’s Pine  Street Inn, which provides shelter and other services to the homeless.  The Patriots say the rest of the blankets, as well as some hats and  gloves, will be donated to homeless shelters in each of the five other  New England states.

Source: Pollstar

It only took 20 minutes of training to teach Blake the dog how to bowl.


Here are some really cool and weird Meatloaf ideas!

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