Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Here's the winner of the Clean Freaks prize from Saturday's final Sizzlin' Summer Concert - a free 1.5 hour maid service/house cleaning! Congratulations to:  Ron Pitcht of Port Charlotte

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All eyes on Irma, for sure! No need to panic (won't help anyway) but time to pay close attention. The next day or so will tell us if we need to start making some critical decisions so stay close to us. We have been here before and we're ready for whatever happens again.

Here's the latest on Hurricane Irma...this is a live stream, with continuous updates!


Please remember your fur babies need a plan too! Here's a good starter:

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Register for Alert Charlotte today...if they can't reach you, they can't notify you...


Could she be the next American idol? Check out her voice! What do you think? We vote Yes!


When 911 and social media failed to help get them rescued, Siri helped them call in the Coast Guard.

When her family was stranded on the roof waiting for someone to come save them from the rising waters from Hurricane Harvey, 14-year-old Tyler Frank was desperate to get help. The teen suffers from sickle cell anemia and she had a fever and was in a lot of pain, so after calling 911 didn’t help and pleas on social media didn’t either, she asked Siri to call the Coast Guard and two days later, they came and rescued her and her family.

Tyler, her mom, and her three brothers were waiting on the roof the day after Siri helped her reach the Coast Guard when a helicopter finally arrived. Unfortunately, they were only taking elderly folks, so the teen had to wait. But she called again with the number Siri gave her and the next day she was rescued and taken to the hospital for treatment.

“She’s got this great sense of humor — she just made us laugh,” says Dr. Titilope Fasipe, Tyler’s hematologist. “It’s so impressive what she and her family dealt with. I don’t think most of us can even imagine.”

Source: CBS Philadelphia

The nurse behind the now-viral video of her arrest says police need to regain trust with healthcare professionals - and the public.

The Utah nurse captured on video being arrested by a Salt Lake City police officer for refusing to draw blood on an unconscious patient is speaking out. In case you missed it, video showing Nurse Alex Wubbels getting arrested surfaced over the weekend. Her alleged “crime?” Back in late July, Wubbels refused to draw blood from an unconscious patient who was injured by another driver during a police chase.

She told the officer that she would be violating hospital rules – and her supervisors were backing her up. Police bodycam video then shows officer Jeff Payne forcing her out the door and into his squad car as she yelled for someone to help her. Wubbels told NBC's "Today" show – quote – "It should've never happened, and if I have anything to say about it, it won't ever happen again." No lawsuit has been filed by Wubbels, but she hasn’t ruled anything out.

What Wubbels does have for the moment – is an official apology from the Salt Lake City Police Department. “It was clear that the arrest was completely mishandled and was inappropriate and didn’t need to happen,” says Chief Dale Brophy. “She had done everything she possibly could to make that situation work and she wasn’t rewarded for that.” Payne and his supervisor remain on paid administrative leave as the investigation continues.

  • ONE MORE THING! While Wubbels was indeed following the policy agreed to by her hospital and the Salt Lake City Police department, it's also the law of the land. Back in 2016, the Supreme Court decided that in order for your blood to be drawn, you either need to give consent or the police must obtain a warrant.

Source: NBC’s “Today” show


For his latest "How to Dad" instructional vid, funnyman Jordan Watson offers some tips on convicing your kids to eat vegetables.

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