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Research shows that large amounts of young people are developing an  entitlement complex. A 2016 study from the University of Hampshire found  that Millennials, who were born roughly between 1988 and 1994 and were  studied on issues of entitlement, scored 25 to 50 percent higher than  people aged 40 and older. This form of narcissism has some significant  consequences such as disappointment and a tendency to lash out.Examples of Entitlement Tendencies:

1. You expect the same rules that apply to others shouldn’t apply to  you. For example, other people might need to start at the bottom and  work their way up but you shouldn’t have to.

2. You feel massively put upon when other people ask you for small  favors but expect that when you ask people for favors it’s no big  effort.

3. You expect other people to be more interested in you than you’re interested in them.

4. You disregard rules that are intended for everyone’s comfort. For  example, you ignore signs to please not put your feet on the chairs at  the movies.

5. You freeload. For example, you use bittorrent programs to download movies rather than paying for them.

6. You inconvenience others without thinking. For example, you cancel  appointments or reservations repeatedly. Or, you make plans with friends  and then bail on those plans

7. You think it’s okay to upset or offend other people

8. You cheat in environments that are based on reciprocity. For example,  you ask loads of questions in your favorite internet forum, but you  don’t spend the same amount of time answering others’ questions

9. When working in groups, you think you should be the leader or get the most credit.

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LOL Video Of The Day today also a cautionary tale for those who get a  liiiiiiitle too immersed in their video games. Toddlers can become  terrifying!


Here’s a collection of people doing extraordinary things, from kids with  serious karate skills to adults who really know how to ride a mountain  bike.


It's safe to say from this guys reaction that he's not a fan of snakes.


Dog alerts the family of two girls who were struck by lightning while hiking in the Utah mountains.

While on a camping trip with  their family, two girls were struck by lightning in Beaver County, Utah.  The girls, eight and 16, had their dog along as they were out exploring  together and the pooch ran back to the campsite to get help.

The dog alerted family members and  they followed it back to the unconscious girls. Luckily, a Utah  Department of Public Safety helicopter was in the area and flew the  girls to the hospital, where they’re now recovering. 

Source: WCVB

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