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The dating app connects people based on not what they like, but stuff they can’t stand. Hater used info from their users to figure out what topics and Things People In Each State Hate The Most. (It looks like they spent about ten minutes compiling this list, based on one dating profile in each state.)– Washington: Keurig K-Cups (* Obviously, they’ve never tried the Starbucks French Roast cups.)

– Oregon: Spin Class–

 California: Fidget Spinners (* Oh, chill, California! Maybe you should try one of those newfangled fidget spinners.)

– Idaho: Asking for Directions (* Hey, Idaho – there’s an app for that.)– Nevada: Feminism

– Utah: Porn

– Arizona: Sand

– Montana: Going to the Gym (* Who knew Montana had so many southerners?)

– Wyoming: Gluten-Free– Colorado: *NSYNC (* Way to stay current, Colorado!)

– New Mexico: Polo Shirts

– North Dakota: Tapas

– South Dakota: The New York Times

– Nebraska: Friendly Reminder E-Mails

– Kansas: Seinfeld (* What the hell did Jerry Seinfeld ever do to Kansas?

– Oklahoma: Hearing the Latest Gossip

– Texas: Sleeping With the Window Open

– Minnesota: Drinking Alone

– Iowa: Long Hair on Guy

s– Missouri: People Who Believe in Aliens

– Arkansas: Cleaning

– Louisiana: Being the Designated Driver

– Florida: Workout Couples (* Remind me to stay off the roads in Louisiana and Florida

– Wisconsin: Rap Music

– Illinois: String Cheese (* If you get Illinois and Wisconsin together, there’s gonna be a rumble

– Alabama: Anal Sex (* Try more lube.

– Michigan: Pride and Prejudice (* Sorry, Michigan, you’re only allowed one thing, not both.

– Indiana: Bloggers

– Ohio: Tying a Tie

– Kentucky: Friends That Ask You To Help Them Move (* Kentucky, did you ever know you were my hero?

– Tennessee: Foraged Food– Mississippi: Vegetarianism

– Georgia: Tuna Salad

– West Virginia: Lyft

– Virginia: Dabbing Pizza Grease With a Napkin

– Maine: Boy’s Night

– Vermont: God (* That’s okay. He hates you, too.)

– Massachusetts: Eli Manning (* Must be a Massachusetts DNA thing.

– Connecticut: Winter (* Boy, are those people in the wrong part of the country.

– Rhode Island: Middle America– New York: Times Square

– New Jersey: Jellyfish

– Delaware: Casey Affleck (* Is this before or after “Manchester by the Sea”?

– Maryland: Cheap Coffee

– North Carolina: DUI Checkpoints

– South Carolina: Edward Snowden

 John Heard was found dead in a hotel room in Palo Alto, California.

  • John Heard has died.
  • He was found dead in a hotel room in Palo Alto, California on Friday.
  • He was best known as the father in the “Home Alone” movies. 

John Heard has died. The actor – whose age has been reported both as 71 and 72 –was found dead in a hotel room in Palo Alto, California on Friday. He was recovering from back surgery when a housekeeper discovered his body. At this point, the Santa Clara County medical examiner’s office is investigating his cause of death. 

Heard started off as a dramatic actor, but found fame in comedies. He’s probably best known for playing the father in the “Home Alone” movies. He also played Tom Hanks’ rival in “Big.” Other roles included “White Chicks,” “Beaches,” and “The Pelican Brief.” His TV work included “Miami Vice,” “Sharknado,” and “The Sopranos” – where he was nominated for an Emmy Award in 1999. 

Heard was preceded in death by his 22-year-old son, Max. He leaves behind a daughter, Annika, with his ex-wife, Sharon; a son with Melissa Leo, John M. Heard the Third, and his sister, Cordis Heard

Source: New York Times

Teen Spends Last $40 On Firefighters After Losing Everything In Fire

He was saving the money to take his girlfriend on a special date and when people found out, they helped the kid put together a great night.

After a fire destroyed his family’s Creola, Alabama home, 15-year-old Kenneth Bennett spent his last $40 to buy water for the firefighters. He had been saving the money to take his girlfriend out to dinner for their anniversary, but he wanted to help the hard-working people at the fire department more.

When the man who runs local traffic Facebook page,Mobile Traffic, heard about the teen’s generosity, he reached out to fans of his page to get help treating Kenneth and his girlfriend to dinner. And the community did not let them down. People donated new clothes for Kenneth, a limo ride, and a free meal at a restaurant.

But the high school sophomore doesn’t even think he did anything special. “I just saw the firefighters were down to their last couple of bottled waters and figured it was the least I could do for them putting out our house fire for us,” Kenneth says. But his community recognizes his good deed and gave him a few of their own.

Source: Southern Living

Paralyzed High Jumper Walks Wife Down Aisle At Wedding

July 24, 2017

 Former Olympic athlete walks at his wedding after having been paralyzed for a year.

In 2016, former Olympic high jumper Jamie Nieto was paralyzed when he misjudged a backflip and landed on his head. But when he walked his bride Shevon down the aisle at their wedding, he took about 130 steps all on his own.

Nieto has been determined to walk since his spinal cord injury and he finally made it happen, without help from a cane or a walker.

"It's a monumental day, so I think I need to do monumental things," Nieto said before the ceremony. "I'm definitely blessed and super happy to be here. I've worked really hard to get to this point, and I think it's just the first step to many more in my recovery."

Source: Bleacher Report

Too Much Driving Can Affect Your Brain

Study suggest driving more than two hours a day can cause your brain to age

  • A study out of England suggests that driving more than two hours a day can increase the aging process of the brain
  • The study found that drivers who spend two to three hours a day behind the wheel already had lower brain power to begin with, but in addition, their IQ scores decreased faster than those who didn’t drive, or did less driving
  • Researchers suggest it could be because our brain is inactive during the drive, or the stress and fatigue caused by driving could lead to cognitive decline

Traffic can make anyone’s commute a nightmare, and now it turns out all those long hours in the car can be bad for your health too. A study out of England, which could easily translate here, suggests that driving more than two hours a day can increase the aging process of the brain.

The five-year study looked at over half a million Britons between the ages of 37 and 73. Of those drivers, 93,000 were behind the wheel more than two or three hours a day and the study found those drivers already had lower brain power to begin with, but in addition, their IQ scores decreased faster than those who didn’t drive, or did less driving.

"We know that regularly driving for more than two or three hours a day is bad for your heart,” Kishan Bakrania, a medical epidemiologist at the University of Leicester, explains. “This research suggests it is bad for your brain too, perhaps because your mind is less active in those hours.” As for a possible other reason for the negative effects, Bakrania notes, “Driving causes stress and fatigue, with studies showing the links between them and cognitive decline.”

Source: The Sunday Times

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