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Texas emergency medical workers saw an elderly woman who looked like she could use some help with her yardwork, so they pitched in.

When a crew of emergency responders was between calls and saw a potentially dangerous situation in Waco, Texas, they stepped in to help. The EMTs spotted 98-year-old Margaret Durham mowing her lawn, and it’s something she usually does, but they decided to lend her a hand.

“She’s elderly and looked exhausted, she was in a dangerous slope of the yard, possibly could fall and lose control of the lawn mower and injure herself,” explains one of the responders. “The need for us to intervene was there.”

The EMTs don’t feel they were doing anything extraordinary by assisting Durham with the lawn. “Our job here is for us to help people and that’s what we like doing,” another responder explains. “That’s why we’re called to do what we do.”

SourceFox News

A Florida man with cerebral palsy gets his dream job working security for a baseball stadium.

Cerebral palsy has taken Keith Gieser’s control over his own body away, but he didn’t let that stop him from landing the job of his dreams. He started working in security at the Roger Dean Stadium with help from Work Opportunities Unlimited – a community-based organization which matches job seekers who might have a hard time finding work to prospective employers.

Geiser has always wanted to work in security detail and he’s proved to be a valuable member of the team. So now he’s doing work he loves at a busy baseball stadium and they love having him.

“We believe in opportunity for all but we also had to do our due diligence; Keith had to be able to do the job,” explains Assistant General Manager Alex Inman. “We interviewed him, took everything into consideration, focusing on what he could do, and we hired him.”

Source: Good News Network

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