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Our Text Therapy patient…let’s call her “Tipsy” wrote the following. Please give her problem some thought and then respond to our poll to help her out!


"Tipsy" -  I don't know why this always seems to happen to me, but everytime I go out with my gal pals, men want to by me drinks. It drives my boyfriend crazy, but I feel awful refusing the offer because I don't like hurting people's feelings. Last weekend we got in a huge fight because two guys bought me drinks. I told them I have a bf, but they said they wanted to anyway, so what's a girl to do? LOL. Maybe this is something you could ask your listeners to help with on your therapy thing??



A Florida cop jumps into the river in downtown Jacksonville to save a woman’s life.

When the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office sent out a call about a body floating in the St. John’s River, it didn’t take long for someone to come to help. Sergeant Billy Irvin jumped into the river, in downtown Jacksonville, Florida and swam out to the middle to check on the person.

Sgt. Irvin swam to the woman and signaled that she was alive, thankfully. Then a group of construction workers saw what was happening and helped him get her onto their boat.

The Sheriff’s office is recognizing Sgt. Irvin’s quick action in saving this woman’s life. “He is a hero to us all and all of the people who witnessed this going on,” they write on their Facebook page. “So many citizens came up just to shake his hand, thanking him for his heroic efforts.”

Source: Action News Jax

Katy reveals why she decided to open up about Taylor feud

  • Katy Perry tells NME she discussed the Taylor Swift feud with James Corden because he made her feel "safe" and he asked
  • She added there are "three sides of every story: one, two, and the truth”
  • She accused Taylor of trying to "assasinate my charcter"

As we previously told you, Katy Perry discussed her feud with Taylor Swift while driving in the car with James Corden for Carpool Karaoke, and now she’s opening up a bit more about the rift.

In an upcoming interview with NME, Katy was asked why she decided to talk about her beef during the late night show and she said it was because Corden is someone who makes you feel “safe.” She added, "No one has asked me about my side of the story, and there are three sides of every story: one, two, and the truth.”

Katy also felt that it was important that she talk about the feud since so much has been made about it in the press. "I mean, I’m not Buddha — things irritate me," she shared. "I wish that I could turn the other cheek every single time, but I’m also not a pushover, you know? Especially when someone tries to assassinate my character with little girls [her fans]. That’s so messed up!” 

Source: Refinery 29

His father-in-law always says "huh?" so he had a little fun with it.


Vonzell Solomon joins the Postmodern Jukebox for a vintage reggae of a modern pop classic.


There's something awesome about rolling around in mud and not caring...just ask this pooch.

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