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Real estate website Zillow has done an analysis on what color walls lead to higher home prices when selling. They compared the sale prices of homes painted certain color versus similar properties that had white walls. Here is what they claim

 Homes with blue bathrooms – specifically light shades like powder blue or periwinkle – fetched $5,400 more than expected when sold.– Leaving a bathroom’s walls white can reduce a home’s sales price by more than $4,000.– Dining rooms painted in darker blue hues will cause a house sell for $1,926 more than anticipated on average.– Homes with light blue kitchens and blue bedrooms will garner a price that is $1,809 higher than expected.– But don’t paint the living room light blue. That decreased home prices by $820 on average.– Other colors that increased home prices included grays and beiges. “Painting walls in fresh, natural-looking colors, particularly in shades of blue and pale gray not only make a home feel larger, but also are neutral enough to help future buyers envision themselves living in the space,” said Zillow.– A brick red dining room will slash a home’s price down by more than $2,000.– Other ill-advised paint choices when selling include yellow, pink and brown.

 A NYC ballet dancer risks his life to save a homeless man who was lying unconscious on the subway tracks after having been pushed off the platform.

American Ballet Theater dancer Gray Davis was coming home in Manhattan last weekend when he risked his life to help save a man who was down on the subway tracks. He says he waited for someone else to jump down to help, but when no one else did, he jumped down himself.

Police say the man was homeless and had been pushed onto the tracks by a woman, who they’ve since arrested. The man was unconscious when Davis lifted him up, but regained consciousness later at the hospital.

Davis says he didn’t have time to think about the potential consequences or the danger, but when he saw his wife crying, he realized how scary it was. The dancer put his skills to use and was able to get away from the approaching train by swinging his leg up onto the platform, something not all of us could manage.

Source: Newsweek


She put her five kids through college, so when she was finally fulfilling her lifelong goal of graduating from law school, her kids bought her a new Mercedes.

When Jerita graduated from law school recently, the 64-year-old was thrilled to have completed a lifelong goal. But things got even better when she discovered the surprise her five children had planned for her.

Her kids were so proud of their mom for doing what she’d always wanted to do, so they surprised her with a brand new Mercedes, waiting on the curb outside for her. Jerita actually squealed with delight when she realized what was happening. She says, “It took me two to three days to get over that they made such a loving gift to me.”

After working hard to put all five of her children through college, they wanted to show their gratitude and spent months planning the surprise for their mom. It may have taken her 40 years to reach her goal, but she made her dream come true and now she’ll be driving in style and practicing law.

Source: USA Today

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