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Humble hero rescues a woman and her niece from a burning car after busting out the window with a baseball bat.

Brandon Finnen was a guest at a Memorial Day cookout in Reading, Massachusetts and was in the right place at the right time to save a stranger’s life. Laura McCaffrey was driving with her niece when she had a seizure and lost consciousness, then knocked down a utility pole and crashed into another one.

When Finnen heard the crash, he ran to check it out. McCaffrey’s car was already engulfed in flames, and she was unconscious, so he tried to break her window with his fist. Then a friend handed him a baseball bat and he smashed the window, unlocked the door and pulled the stranger out of the car, just before the driver’s side was enveloped in fire.

Police say McCaffrey and her niece were taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Finnen doesn’t think he’s a hero, but his friends and witnesses disagree. P.J. Fuschetti saw what happened and says his pal saved the woman’s life. And we bet she agrees!

Source: CBS Boston

When 19-year-old Keaton Tilson found out he had four days off from the Army over the Memorial Day weekend, he was excited to get to go back home to Granite City, Illinois for the first time since Christmas. But he didn’t find out until Thursday night that he had permission to go, so he left Fort Hood, Texas and spent the night at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, hoping to get on a 5 a.m. flight with a standby ticket.

But that flight and several other options didn’t work out and it wasn’t looking like the teen would make it home. Then, a stranger asked the ticket agent if he could give the young soldier his ticket for a flight boarding in 10 minutes. That didn’t work either, but the generous man bought Tilson his own $375 ticket and he got on the plane.

Once on the flight, Tilson went back and hugged the man, later identified as Josh Rainey, and thanked him for the ticket. Rainey says that hug was all the thanks he needed, adding, “That was worth every penny.”

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