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Everybody’s watching and talking about this! A little girl in British Columbia who has a pretty scary run in with a sea lion. They seems so friendly and harmless – I have to wonder if this one was nearsighted or something and thought she was a fish???



Experts suggest limiting certain foods that may be bad for your mood

  • Dieticians say some of your favorite eats can wreak havoc on your mental health
  • Foods that are are high in saturated fat and simple carbohydrates can increase inflammation which will have negative affects on your hormones and put you in a bad mood
  • Dieticians suggest macaroni and cheese, soda, candy and hot dogs are some of the worst culprits 

While we al know certain foods can be bad for our physical health, it turns out some of your favorite eats can also wreak havoc on your mental health.

According to Sue Ryskamp, a senior dietitian at Michigan Medicine’s Frankel Cardiovascular Center, lots of things we love to eat can increase inflammation that not only leads to chronic disease, but also has a negative affect on our hormones, which can put folks in a really bad mood.

So, which foods do you need to stay away from if you don’t want to experience such mood swings? Of course, many of them are delicious, even if they are high in saturated fat and simple carbohydrates.

Among the worst:

  • Macaroni and Cheese – Mac and cheese is just filled with high saturated fats which can directly affect your hormones. Ryskamp doesn’t think people should give it up all together, but suggests having a small portion with a vegetable high in plant hormones that can balance the negative affects.
  • Soda – The sugar in soda, usually from high fructose corn syrup, can have a huge affect on insulin levels, even worse than that of table sugar. And that's bad becuase insulin is a important hormone that helps our body use energy in food.
  • Hot Dogs – Processed foods like these are high in saturated fat, which can contribute to inflammation and can throw off our hormonal balance. Ryskamp suggests that when you do have one on occasion, try to eat a less processed dog, like say an organic frank.
  • Candy – Refined starches and sugars can alter hormones, and that goes for so-called healthy sugars like agave and honey. Experts suggest limiting sweets and goodies as much as possible.

Toyota of New Orleans gives away a brand new Toyota Yaris to one lucky local student who hasn’t missed a day of school all year.

It’s hard to imagine not missing one day of school all year long, so not many students have perfect attendance. But high school seniors in New Orleans have more incentive to show up every day - if they do, they could win a brand new car!

For the 12th year in a row, Toyota of New Orleans has given away a new car to an Orleans Parish School Board student who hasn’t been absent even once. This year’s winner was Taylor Tolbert, who was selected in a lottery to get the brand new Toyota IA.

“This is an event our seniors with perfect attendance look forward to every year,” OPSB Superintendent Dr. Henderson Lewis, Jr. says. “This year 62 seniors did not miss a day of school. The opportunity to compete for this car is a fantastic reward for their commitment.”

Source: WGNO

Elementary school janitor gets a leg up from the community he serves, ensuring he has housing for the rest of his life.

After working as a janitor at University Park Elementary School for 25 years, Jesus Gonzalez has become part of their family. And when the community learned that the home he lives in on school property is being demolished to make room for a new school building, they rallied to help him out.

Locals started a GoFundMe campaign for Gonzalez to help him afford new housing, which raised $53,000. He got the check for that, along with more good news - the elementary school he’s been with for so long is planning to move him to another home owned by the district! So he can save that money to buy a new place when he retires.

Source: CW33

A newscaster couldn't focus when this adorable dog stormed the set.


Red Hot Chili Peppers songs played using an actual red hot chili pepper to play a guitar.


Irish people taste Doritos and give their opinions on them.

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