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There’s actually a club for people who want to run marathons in all 50 states.

When Tim Hurst lost his leg in a motorcycle crash at 21, he never imagined he’d be running marathons. But the 58-year-old Utah man has now run not one, but 50 marathons, one in every state.

His first prosthetic leg was wooden and Hurst says he couldn’t even make it a mile, the pain was so excruciating. But as the years have gone by, the technology has improved and now he has a running prosthetic that makes it all possible. He started running more and now he’s even part of the 50 States Marathon Club!

“I cannot honestly believe it, and it feels like a dream,” Hurst says. “Anyone can do anything they want to do if they just believe in themselves.”

Source: Fox 13 Now

His Doritos promposal went viral, so Doritos flew him and his friends to their prom in a helicopter.

After using Doritos in his promposal, Shaedon Wedel, his date, and friends got a ride to the big dance from the chip company - in a helicopter! Last month, we told you aboutthe teen who asked his BFF’s little sister, who has Down syndrome, to prom, using her favorite snack.

Doritos are 15-year-old Carlie Wittman’s favorite, so when Wedel asked her to be his date, he wore a Doritos shirt that read, “I know I’m NACHO typical Dorito but...I’m going to be cheesy and ask: will you go to prom with me?”

And when the company heard about the promposal, they sent two helicopters to Kansas to fly them to the prom: one to take Shaedon and Carlie and another for his best friend - her brother - and his date. Now that’s a night to remember!

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