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Our Daily LOL!  Even if you don’t like banjo music, please PLEASE watch at least the first :30-seconds of this video…you won’t be disappointed!


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Another one of those surveys that seems to be thrown together by a “journalist” with a looming deadline!  Take the craft brews out and you might, MIGHT have a somewhat accurate list…..


Esquire magazine has done a non-scientific poll and come up with The 21 Most Popular Bar Drinks:


1. Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse (* and we wouldn’t blame you for stopping right here.)

2. Vodka

3. Margaritas

4. Jameson on the Rocks

5. Manhattan

6. Gin and Tonic

7. J&B

8 Jack Daniel’s on the Rocks

9. Pabst Blue Ribbon

10. Heineken

11. Mount Gay Rum and Diet Coke

12. Southern Comfort on the Rocks

13. Crown Royal and Coke

14. Seven and Seven

15. Brandy

16. Hoegaarden

17. Amstel Light

18. Bourbon, Neat

19. Stoli Ohranj and Soda

20. Hoegaarden

21. Hitachino White Ale

Here's a cool story about our Countryfest Headliner, Clay Walker we found this morning!

Two little blue lines:CLAY WALKER is getting set for a sixth visit to the maternity ward. The country singer's wife, JESSICA, is pregnant with their fourth child, and he issued a statement to E! News that he's "overwhelmed and humbled" to be a dad again and says there's "no greater job than being a father." The couple already has two sons named WILLIAM and ELIJAH and a little girl named MARY ELIZABETH, while the proud papa also two daughters named MACLAY DALAYNE and SKYLOR CLAYANNE with his ex-wife, LORI JAYNE LAMPSON. (Lee)# # #

Man credits LoseIt! app for helping him shed over 500 pounds and save himself from an early death.

For years, Rafael Zuniga was trapped inside his suburban Chicago home because of his weight. In 2011, he weighed more than 800 pounds, but now he’s lost 500 pounds and he says the LoseIt! app helped him do it.

The 45-year-old man says booze and fast food were his best friends, but after his health went downhill, he decided to make changes and get healthy. The app helps him track calories, and get support from other users, but the cardio he does five times a week and the weight lifting, along with giving up fast food and alcohol, have something to do with his success as well.

Zuniga says his biggest motivator was being able to travel, which he has been doing since his dramatic weight loss. "The image of me just being by an ocean, man, that helped me out tremendously,” he says. And he plans to keep using LoseIt! And really enjoying the rest of his life.

Source: WGNTV

Harrison Ford Won't Face Any Punishment For Near Plane Miss

Harrison Ford nearly hit a passenger plane when he landed his plane in the wrong place He was facing anything from a warning letter to his pilot's license being revoked The Federal Aviation Administration has determined “no administrative or enforcement action was warranted" 

Harrison Ford is officially off the hook. As we previously reported, the actor almost collided with a passenger plane when he accidentally landed his small plane on the taxiway instead of the runway at a California airport.

The Federal Aviation Administration launched an investigation, which could have resulted in Ford getting anything from a warning letter all the way up to having his license revoked. In the end, absolutely nothing happened.

"The FAA conducted a full investigation into the matter, including an interview with Mr. Ford, and determined that no administrative or enforcement action was warranted," the actor's lawyer explains. "Mr. Ford retains his pilot’s certificate without restriction.”  Looks like someone at the FAA is a "Star Wars" fan...

Source: Variety L

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