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Kelsey Borresen, Relationships Editor for The Huffington Post, had a deadline coming up quick, so she came up with this – 8 Things The Happiest Couples Do Every Morning:

1. They make eye contact

.2. They cuddle

.3. They try to get up around the same time when they can

.4. They enjoy a cup of coffee or tea together

.5. They kiss goodbye.

6. They put down their devices.

7. They divvy up the morning chores.8. They smile, no matter how tired they are.


Here’s your Daily LOL!  A look at the “viral” happenings of the moment, in this case as commented on by older people who frequently don’t “get it.”  In order to LOL, first I have to assume you’ve heard of the newest thing to go viral – the Cup Blowing Challenge….


And here are  some older folks watch and comment…hilariously:


The Bottle Boys are back with their cover of Michael Jackson's "Beat It." Here’s a clip of them taking a stab at the Van Halen solo, ON BOTTLES!


Homeless teen has had a tough road to travel, but is still committed to excellence.

After Rebecca Schmitt’s mother Sandra was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and received a bone marrow transplant in 2012, life changed for their family. The two went from living in a 4,000-square-foot home in Port St. Lucie, Florida, to being broke and evicted because Sandra couldn’t keep working as a realtor during her treatment.

The major status changes really affected Rebecca, but she hasn’t let that keep her from succeeding. The pair now live in Atlanta, where she’s number one in her class, with a 4.2 GPA and she’s captain of the tennis team. Sandra is still getting treatments, but her daughter says she’s inspired by her mom’s positive attitude during the tough times.

"I learned to focus on the positive tools that we have instead of the challenges in life. I began to view the world through a different lens," Rebecca explains. "I realized that I had much to be thankful for, and that I had potential."

Source: ABC News

Pennsylvania restaurant is offering a 10% discount to families who enjoy their dinner without using their cell phones.

Customers at Sarah’s Corner Café in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania who want to unplug and enjoy a meal together are rewarded. The restaurant has “family recharging stations” at tables where you drop your phone and enjoy some interactive games like Hangman and Tic Tac Toe, and doing it will earn you a 10% discount on your bill.

Owner Barry Lynch says he got the idea after watching his customers and observing the parents and kids staring at their screens instead of talking to each other while they’re sitting face-to-face. He’s gotten a positive response to his phone-free meals and plans to keep it up.

“I just thought it was such a shame not to have more time together just to talk,” he says.

“A lot of people are starting to do it and it’s taken on a life of its own.”

Source: ABC News

A compilation of funny snow shoveling videos.


Stephen Hawking has had the same trademark voice for 30 years and has now decided it's time for a change. "Comic Relief" offers up some audition tapes.

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