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So I need some opinions here on how to handle this little situation. Please use my question for the text therapy thing.


3 years ago before I was dating my current fiance, a guy friend asked if we could meet up for coffee. So we met up and he handed me a little bag. I opened it up and it was a HUGE purple amethyst ring that he said he had crafted just for me. He said it was a gift to “show how much my friendship meant to him”. I was surprised at the extravagance, however I accepted it and thanked him for being so thoughtful.


Fast forward 3 years later to TODAY…and I get a message from him asking if now that I am engaged, could give him the ring back?


This guy was NEVER a boyfriend or even a date in any way. I’ve never considered him someone I’d be willing to pursue a relationship with. I do understand that his gesture could have been to show romantic interest, however he said it was something he liked to do for all of his friends.


So my question is, how do I reply? I honestly think it’s a tacky to ask someone to return a gift, or else really it was never a gift to begin with. I can’t help but wonder if there’s some jealousy involved.



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Good News for your Thursday!

While on their flight to San Diego to celebrate their 40th anniversary, Dennis and Bonnie had another “wedding ceremony” all thanks to Southwest Airlines. The bride walked down the aisle to her husband in front of a plane full of passengers and even wore a veil made of toilet paper that the crew made her.

The nuptials were captured on video and shared to Southwest’s Twitter. And in it a flight attendant announces the upcoming ceremony and plays wedding music on her phone over the intercom, then you see Bonnie walk from the back of the plane to Dennis and they greet with a kiss.

“Our flight crews often celebrate, commemorate, acknowledge and share in special moments with our customers,” a Southwest spokesperson explains. And when the flight attendants heard this couple was on their way to celebrate 40 years of wedded bliss, they even made a bridal bouquet in a coffee cup, with blue toilet paper flowers for ‘something blue’ and even made the groom a boutonniere for his shirt. Now that’s a fun flight to be on!

Source: Inside Edition

A teenager from Brooklyn who has testicular cancer just had his “biggest wish” granted when he became an honorary New York Ranger. Moshe Illouz signed a five day contract with the NHL team and even gets to practice with his hero, player Henrik Lundqvist.

The 18-year-old was diagnosed with cancer last year and spent most of his senior year of high school getting chemo and having surgery while battling the disease. And now he’s in remission! “I never gave up and I never will,” Moshe says.

Thanks to Madison Square Garden’s Garden of Dreams Foundation and the Make A Wish Organization, the teen got the chance to train with the team, go to their annual charity Casino Night and sit on the bench next to star players before a game. “It was literally my dream come true,” says Moshe. “After such a long fight, it was incredible that something I’ve dreamed about since a little kid came true.”

Source: People

Some funny news bloopers!


The Owl and The Husky puppy...a love story!


Getting up to speed:

More than 25 tornadoes ripped through the Midwest and Southeast yesterday, killing three people and leaving paths of destruction in their wake.   One of the tornadoes which zipped through the Nashville area hit CARRIE UNDERWOOD's neighborhood, who Tweeted "Woke up to tornado sirens and hail...our chimney is currently in our driveway...tree limbs everywhere...feels like home. #Okie."   About 18-thousand people were without power in the Nashville area after the tornadoes ripped through.

   In Missouri, a tornado blew around 20 vehicles from a junkyard onto I-55, damaging several cars and big rigs traveling on the Interstate. The National Weather Service says several of the tornadoes were classified as EF-3's --having winds of up to 155 miles an hour. Three EF1 tornadoes were confirmed in southwestern Michigan packing peak winds of 105-110 mph. And in Cincinnati, OH, more than 41-thousand Duke Energy customers were left without power yesterday morning.

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