Randoms-Three Items that make Relationships Successful, New COVID Invention


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What makes a relationship successful? According to a new worldwide study, it comes down to three things: Commitment, sexual satisfaction and feeling appreciated. (Daily Mail)

Mommy, I want a pony …So Kylie Jenner is apparently taking some heat for being “tone deaf” in these tough times. Why? She reportedly bought her two-year-old daughter, Stormi, a $200,000 pony she had shipped from The Netherlands. (Insider)

Speaking of crazy purchases …A man in Florida allegedly used his coronavirus Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) money to buy … a Lamborghini (price tag: more than $318,000). David Hines reportedly received a $4 million loan for his moving companies … and was driving the streets of Miami in his new Italian sports car not long after. Hines also spent $4,600 while shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue as well as thousands on luxury hotels and jewelry, according to theWashington Post.

Hope he had fun while it lasted …Hines was arrested and charged with “making false statements to a lending institution, bank fraud and engaging in transactions in unlawful proceeds.” A lawyer for Hines said he’s “anxious” to tell his side of the story. (Market Watch)

Pizza and a movie …If you love pizza and making home movies, we have some good news for you. Domino's has launched a Homemade Film Festival contest. From now until August 21st you can submit your home movie showing your love of Domino’s pizza at DominosFilmFest.com. Then from September 7th-11th people can vote for their favorite videos. On September 18th, Domino's will announce the grand prize winner who will get free pizza for a year (in the form of $1,560 in Domino's eGift cards). The second-place winner will get a $500 Domino's eGift card, and the third place winner will get a $200 eGift card. (PRNewswire)

What could go wrong? …Police in Jackson, New Jersey, took hours to break up a house party … with 700 people. Yes, you heard that right – 700 people. No surprise – partygoers were not wearing mask or practicing social distancing. (WPVI-TV)

Stop denying yourself …A new study from the University of Zurich and Radboud University in the Netherlands has found that allowing yourself small indulgences leads to a happier life overall. Researchers found that the long-held belief that self-control will lead to a happier, more successful life is not necessarily true – and that allowing yourself some short-term pleasurable activities can lead to increased happiness and well-being. “It’s time for a rethink,” said researcher Katharina Bernecker from the University of Zurich. “Of course self-control is important, but research on self-regulation should pay just as much attention to hedonism, or short-term pleasure.” In other words, if you want the cookie, eat the cookie.

Mask in a cap …A company called Hide-A-Mask has created a baseball cap with a pull-down mask inside. The mask is concealed in the brim of the hat when you’re not using it, and is easily pulled down when you need it. (Mashable)