Retirement Home Plays Real Life Hungry Hippo game while under Quarantine

Seniors are among the most vulnerable people to the coronavirus, but they’re still taking time to have some fun while being socially distant. For residents at Bryn Celyn Care Home in Wales, United Kingdom that means visits from loved ones are put on pause. The home has been on lockdown since March 12.

Currently the residents and staff are all well and there are no coronavirus-related illness in the home, according to Williams. The staff is making sure that “stringent infection control measures” are in place so it stays that way.

And after seeing inspiration online, the staff at Bryn Celyn Care Home came up with a new activity to lift residents’ morale — a life-size version of the children’s board game Hungry Hungry Hippos. The object of the game is for each “hippo” to capture as many marbles as possible with its mouth.

Watch as residents at a nursing home play a real-life version of the Hasbro game Hungry Hungry Hippos in their wheelchairs!

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