Have You Checked Your 2020 Hurricane Insurance Coverage?

Hurricane season is underway

With Tropical Depression Cristobal expected to enter the Gulf of Mexico Friday, Florida's Insurance Consumer Advocate wants to make sure all residents understand their coverage before they need it.

Hurricane deductibles are often quite high, typically between two and ten percent of the insured value, and separate from standard deductibles for other claims.

Additionally, flood claims are not covered by homeowner’s or renter’s policies.

Florida Insurance Consumer Advocate Tasha Carter says policy changes cannot be made once a tropical storm or hurricane watch or warning has been issued for the state.

“With Tropical Storm Cristobal forming in the Gulf, right now as we speak, it’s more important for consumers to review their insurance policies to determine if they need to make any necessary changes.”

Carter says the best way to avoid delays when filing a storm-related claim is to have a copy of your policy easily accessible, and to keep a detailed list of your belongings and their value.

Over the past four years, Florida has been directly hit by three hurricanes, leading to tens of billions of dollars worth of insured losses.

Photo credit: Getty images

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