Biden in Tampa, Goes After Trump for Alleged Comments on Servicemen

TAMPA -- The Democrats' pick for president used his first Florida appearance since the pandemic to excoriate Donald Trump, about comments reporters and their sources have attributed to him about the armed services.

Former vice president Joe Biden told a veterans roundtable at Hillsborough Community College that President Trump "denigrates" the troops "when the cameras are off", and "has no idea about what motivates" people to serve. "Donald Trump can't conceive of selfless service," Biden said. He referenced his late son, Beau Biden, a military veteran.

Biden also spoke about supporting the Veterans Administration and preventing veterans' suicides. He took questions about veteran entrepreneurship, programs to help military spouses, and disparities in services provided to African-American veterans.

Biden's next stop was a Hispanic Heritage Month event in Kissimmee.

Photo: AFP via Getty Images

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