WATCH: Miami-Dade Police Save Drowning Boy And Mom

Miami-Dade police officers put their lives on the line to save a four-year-old boy and his mother from drowning in a Northeast Miami-Dade canal.

Officer Sergio Cordova says even though it was after 3:30 in the morning, he didn't hesitate to reach out into the dark water.

He said, "In my mind, all I had was I got to get that baby out of the water."

Officer Anthony Martin grabbed his belt so Cordova wouldn't fall in.

Cordova was able to latch onto the child and pull him to safety.

The mother, who was believed to be intoxicated, was also pulled to safety.

When talking to the child, he said he jumped in the water to save his mother.

Martin says, "Even though it's part of our job, but it feels like gratifying, being able to say that I saved a four-year-old's life and his mom."

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