Military Ban on Travel Lifted in 47 States

The Pentagon has lifted its military travel ban in all but three states.

Making the announcement Monday, Defense Department officials said military personnel are now free to travel from state-to-state everywhere in the U.S., with the exceptions of Florida and California.

Michigan has also seen an uptick in COVID-19 cases over the last week was recently added to the small list.

Other states that have seen bigger spikes in cases like Texas and Arizona, remain greenlighted by the Defense Department. 

Troops stationed in Guam, Puerto Rico and South Korea have also been given a green light to travel.

The news comes as the country's number of confirmed COVID-19 cases on Monday hit 2.64 million, accounting for a quarter of the world's cases. Of that number, 12,000 are members of the U.S. military.

Photo by: Getty Images/ AFP

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