Pet Preparation Tips In Case Pet Owners Catch COVID-19

Pet advocates say you should be prepared for someone to care for your dog or cat in case you get the coronavirus.

Dianne Sauve, Director of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, says those who live alone need to have a plan in place.

"The plan we want you to have is if you get sick and you have to be taken to the hospital, you already have someone that can take your pet or take care of your pet while it stays in your own home."

She says you should also have a crate handy, along with food, medicines your pet may take and any other supplies ready to go so someone can quickly remove the animal from your home, if necessary.

Sauve's agency may have to come out to take your pet to a friend or family member's home.

She says to be sure you have the information written down.

"If you're being taken to the hospital, you may be in no condition to start giving out a lot of information. So you need these instructions written down that can be handed to a paramedic."

Something else to keep in mind.

"Make sure that your pet has a collar on with I.D. and a microchip in the event your pet becomes lost."

Sauve puts it this way: "Pets give us unconditional love, this is the least that we can do for them."

And if your pet gets sick or injured, she says most vets are available to help.

"A lot of veterinarians are still open. They're doing curbside service."

Vet techs will come out wearing protective gear and take your pet inside for care.

Veterinarians are listed as an essential service under the state's order, but you should contact your vet just to be sure.

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