LINKS: Protect Your Credit During Coronavirus Crisis

If you're among the millions of Floridians worried about paying your bills this month, you're not alone.

The good news is there are crisis response programs with credit reporting companies and lenders that will protect your credit history.

Experian's Rod Griffin says, "Talk to your lender if you were affected by COVID-19. You may be able to put your accounts in forbearance or deferment, meaning you won't have to make those payments during that time, and your credit will be protected."

Griffin adds, the forbearance lasts for weeks but can be extended as needed.

Experian's Rod Griffin On Credit Saving Tips

With the help of the federal CARE Act, you may also be able to skip mortgage payments without it affecting your credit, but the key is keeping in contact with your lender.

Click here for links to financial institutions' relief measures.

You can also ask service providers for flexible payment options before your due date.

Click here for other tips from Experian to protect your credit during the coronavirus.

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