Florida Election Reform in the Works for 2020

Bills in the works for the 2020 legislative session would make it easier for Floridians to cast ballots on Election Day, expand early voting and create an elected Secretary of State.

Under current law, citizens must be registered to vote 29 days before Election Day, and early voting dates vary from county to county.

Additionally, the state’s top elections official is a political appointee of the governor.

Florida had an elected Secretary of State until 2003, when the position switched to being appointed.

Democratic State Representative Geraldine Thompson feels Florida’s current election system is outdated and doesn’t encourage participation.

“In today’s age of technology, we are able to have people come and show their identification, register, and vote on the same day. We are a very mobile society, but we are wedded to an archaic system.”

Thompson would also like to move away for requiring signature matches on Vote-By-Mail ballots, and switch to a less subjective form of voter authentication.

Florida’s first statewide election of 2020, the Presidential Preference Primary Election, will be held March 17th.

Photo credit: Getty Images