PBC School District Defends Hiring Of Private Firm For Guard Training

A school resource officer stands outside the main office as students exit for the weekend

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office will start a class next week to retrain 27 security guards for charter schools as the school board faces tough questions.

A private firm was paid nearly $80,000 for training that has been deemed not adequate.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Commission says the training was only to be conducted by the sheriff's office.

The district's Chief of Staff, Ed Tierney, defends the move to CBS 12.

"We kind of made decisions in the best way we could over the summer with a tough timeline, with a hard deadline of the first day of school and with really complex legislation."

Taxpayers will continue to pay sheriff's deputies, at a cost of $90 per hour, to work at the charter schools until the security guards are retrained.

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Photo: Getty Images


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