Good Morning Kix Country

Larry Timko here filling in for the out of studio Todd Matthews this morning, I am looking forward to sharing the airwaves with all of you today.

Here is a video of the Redneck Duct Tape Competition that took place at the Father's Day celebration on Sunday at South Biscayne Church in North Port.


Here is the latest music video from John Mayer which features scrolling lyrics and the lady from the Prancercise craze dancing in the background through out a suburban neighborhood. The lyrics that state " you are like 22 girls in one" makes one wonder if this alludes to a certain exe flame in Taylor Swift.


Check out this video which speaks on the new gift giving tool for Facebook from Amazon that is sure to hit the ground running.


Check out this amazing video of a webcam capturing a Volcano erupting in Mexico


Here is the new video from the Backstreet Boys who recently got together to put together this new song, some things never change....


Here is a video of the New Orlean Saints Cheerleaders doing their own rendition of a music video for Taylor Swift's song "22"


Check out this extremely painful tackle that occurred in a recent rugby game between Wanganui College and St. Pauls College, thankfully both guys got up and finished the game afterwards...